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Mastery Coding™ empowers students to meet the challenges of tomorrow through intelligent technology education. We provide schools, teachers, and students a pathway to tap into the power of cross-disciplinary, standards-based, efficacious computer science curricula through live, remote, or hybrid instruction. All of our courses empower students with the skills they need to become industry certified for high-skill, high-need, and high-paying workforce opportunities.

As an educational technology company, we provide industry-leading courses in Computational Literacy, Computer Science, Web & Game Development, Cyber and Academic Esports. Our courses culminate with students earning professional certifications while creating digital portfolios that demonstrate proficiency, competency, and aptitude.

Our Philosophy

We design our curriculum with students in mind. We recognize the diverse array of practical strategies required to guide each type of learner to success. Using our multimedia courseware, students learn and apply topics through video, audio, writing assignments, assessments, worksheets, and creating their own industry-grade software projects from scratch. We provide meaningful educational experiences for every type of learner.

Concurrently, we design our courses to improve the teaching experience. Teaching a rapidly-changing subject like coding typically demands extensive training and long hours of preparation from teachers to be effective. With Mastery Coding, that's no longer the case! Our coding courses take the weight off of teachers' shoulders by delivering the instruction via our proprietary courseware.Teachers don’t need to be years ahead of their students, instead they can learn as they teach and focus on supporting, assessing, and inspiring their students through the learning process.

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Mastery Coding's 2022 Climate Impact Report

Providing the next generation with a habitable planet is all of our responsibility; we’re doing our fair share.

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Mastery Coding Recognized as a 2022 Top STEM Solutions Provider

Mastery Coding is honored to be recognized as a Top 10 STEM Solutions Provider by Education Technology Insights.

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"Pathway Esports got me into Video Editing", says YouTube Gamer

The Mastery Coding team sat down with YouTuber, Zack “Zax is kewl”, to discuss his experience as a Pathway Esports student.

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