Game and App Development

Our Game and App Development pathway turns learning computer science and coding into an exciting opportunity for creative expression by harnessing the fun of game development and applying practical, industry-standard skills through project-based learning. Seize the power of Game and Make™.

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Make Computer Science Fun with Game Development

Coding concepts and computer science theory are taught through practical application, in a way that makes that knowledge feel more relevant to students, giving them a reason to want to learn. The excitement of creating video games turns learning to code into a fun and worthwhile challenge.

Build Project Portfolios

Our project-based curricula result in impressive student project portfolios as students apply what they learn to create customized projects.

Earn Industry-Based Certifications

Game Development 1 and 2 prepare students for official Unity certifications.

Create Original Work

Students learn all the skills they need to build a game from scratch. Students are encouraged to go beyond the scope of the class and customize class projects or create truly original games and game assets with the skills they learn.

Explore Careers and Specialize

Students learn about the different roles that exist within game development and experience a variety of activities through their projects, allowing them to explore different interests and consider where to specialize.

Game Development Foundations

This middle school coding course uses browser-based game development to teach students core coding and computer science concepts. Students gain a foundational knowledge of game design and development while using JavaScript to create browser-based video games.

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Game Development 1

This intro-level high school coding course teaches Object Oriented Programming through engaging game development projects. Over the course of a year, students code several video games while learning core computer science concepts, basic to intermediate C#, and how to use the Unity game engine.

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Game Development 2

Game Development II covers the full game development lifecycle, from design to asset creation to coding tools and behaviors.

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