Managed Pathway Esports:
Rocket League

Managed Esports Program: Overview

In this program, your students will regularly train remotely with professional esports coaches to prepare for cross-school competitions. Coaches cover everything from SEL skills to basic game mechanics and the most complex metas.

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What you Get

A professional esports coach working with your students

Structured lessons and weekly practice

Live (virtual) sessions twice per week, two hours per session

VOD Review and gameplay analysis

SEL and STEAM connections

Program culminating in broadcasted cross-school competition

So My Kids Will Just Be Playing Video Games?

Students already compete in these video games for fun. The smartest, most technologically advanced generation in history is way ahead of the curve.

A top gamer can get college esports scholarships at an increasing number of colleges nationwide, paving the way for careers at top tech companies such as Google, Microsoft, Amazon, and more. Best of all, gaming opens doors as a gateway to coding, the fastest-growing career field today.


  • Lessons in social-emotional learning (communication, teamwork, etiquette, mindsets)
  • Lessons in healthy, productive, and goal-oriented gaming
  • Strong student engagement in extracurriculars 
  • Opportunities for competition and prizes
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A Pathway to Success

Growing communities, including students that wouldn’t normally participate in team sports

Student engagement like you’ve never seen before in a variety of fields, like entrepreneurship, broadcasting, marketing, and social media

Young adults developing work ethic and leadership skills to bring pride to your program and themselves

A non-contact sport that generates revenue, scholarships, and careers

And esports runs like any other sport on your campus! No prior coaching experience is needed.