Extended Learning: Computer Science

Want to prepare your students for a digital future and enhance student interest in STEM? Our extracurricular computer science programs do both.
Discover what we offer: Computer Science is available for K-8 afterschool programs!

Elementary Computer Science

Created for students with NO PRIOR CODING EXPERIENCE, Digital Adventures in Computer Science serves to introduce students to computer science concepts with no barrier to entry. The program is available as a club.

From learning what code is and how it works to learning how to keep their information and online activity protected, private and secure, this program teaches the essential introductory computer science knowledge students need to be successful and safe in today’s technological world.

Summer Coding Game Development

A great course for students with NO PRIOR CODING EXPERIENCE to learn how to conceptualize, design, and make their very own game. This virtual STEM course teaches learners how to be proficient in JavaScript in a remote classroom environment.

Grade Band: 6-12

This summer, teach your students the basics of JavaScript and Game Development in this beginner-friendly, condensed 15-hour game development program.

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