Extended Learning: Computer Science

Prepare your students for a digital future and enhance student interest in STEM with computer science camps, clubs, and after-school programs.

Elementary Computer Science

Created for students with no prior coding experience, Digital Adventures in Computer Science serves to introduce students to computer science concepts with no barrier to entry. The program is available as a club.

This program equips students with the foundational computer science knowledge they need to succeed and stay safe in our technology-driven world. From learning coding basics to protecting online privacy, students gain essential skills.

Summer Programs: Project Based Coding

Introduction to Web Development

Use HTML and CSS to design, create, and breathe life into visually appealing web pages from scratch.

Students will:

  • Learn the historical context of how computers, code, and the web came to be and use markup language to write and code their own informational document
  • Implement design concepts of unity, color theory, white space, and typography to create a professional-looking web page that works on any device with a web browser

Green Team Website

Students create a responsive static website using HTML and CSS from scratch, exercising their understanding of semantic and non-semantic HTML elements, typography, and positioning.

Web Design Wireframes

Students create a mood board and a collection of both block and high-fidelity wireframes utilizing their understanding of UI and UX design, the web design workflow, and visual hierarchy.

Word Guessing Game

In this project, students build out a word-guessing game where a random word is chosen and the player is given the opportunity to guess letters.

Narrative Text Adventure

A browser-based text adventure game to learn how to build and incorporate a unique game narrative using JavaScript.

Introduction to Game Development

Leverage the excitement of creating games with JavaScript to teach computer science, mathematics, and problem-solving.

Students will:

  • Learn 2D game art design and asset creation
  • Use JavaScript to program their own browser-based HTML5 games