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Summer Coding School:
Game Development

Grade Band: 6-12

This summer, teach your students the basics of JavaScript and Game Development in this beginner friendly, condensed 15 hour game development program.

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Made for Beginners

A great course for students with no prior coding experience to learn how to conceptualize, design and make thier very own games.

  • No prior coding experience necessary
  • Highly engaging
  • Dynamic, Interactive & Cross-Disciplinary
  • Utilization of game engines for project development
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Students will learn:

  • 2D game art design and asset creation
  • JavaScript Programming
  • Object Oriented Programming
  • Utilization of game engines for project development
  • How to build and deploy browser-based HTML5 games
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Course Projects

Narrative Text Adventure

A browser-based text adventure game to learn how to build and incorporate a unique game narrative using JavaScript.

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Word Guessing Game

In this project, students build out a word guessing game where a random word is chosen and the player is given the opportunity to guess letters.

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