Social-Emotional Learning: Esports 5 Core Competencies

SEL: Esports prepares students to become well-adjusted, healthy, and productive members of their esports teams and their academic communities. In conjunction with our Pathway Esports line, students gain twenty lessons to develop critical skills that will aid them both in esports and in life!

Our lessons are aligned to the CASEL standards and lessons include Activity Worksheets, Powerpoint Presentations, Lesson Plans, and Reflection Prompts.

Grade Band: 4-12

Core Skills: Self Awareness, Self Management, Social Awareness, Relationship Skills, Responsible Decision Making

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A Deeper Look at our Curriculum

Self Awareness

Develops the ability to understand one's values, thoughts, emotions, and behaviors.

Esports Connections:

Students learn to apply their strengths, desired improvements, passions, and goals to gaming. They discover the value of separating their ego from gameplay, identify what sort of play style works best for them, and learn how to make strategic choices in and out of games.


Understanding Yourself
Making Value-Based Decisions
Living with Purpose & Ambition
Embodying a Growth Mindset

Relationship Skills

Develops the ability to create and maintain healthy and diverse relationships.

Esports Connections:

Students learn to effectively communicate instructions and advice with their teammates. They discover how to work well with others and how to tactfully support weakest-link players.


Owning Healthy Communication Skills
Developing Positive Relationships
Being a Team Player
Standing Up for Yourself and Others

Social Awareness

Develops the ability to understand others’ emotions and behaviors to empathize with their peers.

Esports Connections:

Students discover gaming ethics, polite digital citizenship, and integrity. They learn to work better with other players and begin to form ideas about how they can use their platforms to enact positive social change.


Showing Empathy & Compassion
Practicing Gratitude
Social Norms, Equity & Justice
Being Cooperative

Responsible Decision Making

Develops the ability to make thoughtful and meaningful choices.

Esports Connections:

Students practice predicting the actions of other players, planning out game strategy, and making decisions with a team. Students also discover how the internet works so that they can better interact with it as digital citizens.


Understanding Actions & Consequences
Being Aware of your Digital Footprint
Practicing Open-minded Curiosity
Solving Problems & Learning

Self Management

Develops the ability to manage and process one's emotions and behaviors in a healthy manner.

Esports Connections:

Students learn the importance of taking care of their minds and bodies. They also learn how to prevent stress and burnout, build a positive team setting, and set meaningful goals with a team.


Regulating Stress Management
Being Well-Organized
Setting Meaningful Goals
Taking Positive Initiative
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