Kentucky CTE Programs Alignments

Mastery Coding has created certification pathways exclusively for Kentucky! Mastery Coding's curricular resources will provide students the resources to experience real-world problem solving while preparing for Kentucky industry recognized credentials. Our design is your students' future!

State Aligned Pathways

Computer Programming

Mastery Coding has developed a 3-year course sequence solution to support theKentucky Computer Programming pathway utilizing the following courses:

MC-KY Introduction to Programming
Course Code: 110201
Available: NOW
MC-KY Object Oriented Programming I
Course Code: 110220
Available: NOW
MC-KY Object-Oriented Programming II
Course Code: 110221
Available: NOW
Courses Course Code Available
MC-KY Introduction to Programming 110201 NOW
MC-KY Object Oriented Programming I 110220 NOW
MC-KY Object-Oriented Programming II 110221 BTS 2022

These courses incorporate following the Kentucky standards preparing students to apply scripting languages such as C#, program customization, program analysis, as well as, other aspects of operating systems and application design. Industry standards are used in all Mastery Coding courses providing real world programming experience for students in the following:


Upon completing these courses, students will know everything they need to attain the following industry recognized certifications.

  • Unity User: Programmer
  • Unity User: Artist
  • Unity Certified Associate: Game Developer
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