North Carolina CTE Programs Alignments

Mastery Coding has created certification pathways exclusively for North Carolina! Mastery Coding's curricular resources will provide students the resources to experience real-world problem solving while preparing for North Carolina industry recognized certification. Our design is your students' future!

State Aligned Pathways

Game Art Design (GAAR)

Mastery Coding has developed a 2-year course sequence solution to support the North Carolina Game Art Design (GAAR) pathway utilizing the following courses:

MC-NC Game Art and Design
Course Code: TS31
Available: NOW
MC-NC Advanced Game Art and Design
Course Code: TS32
Available: BTS 2022
Courses Course Code Available
MC-NC Game Art and Design TS31 NOW
MC-NC Advanced Game Art and Design TS32 BTS 2022

Industry standards are used in all Mastery Coding courses providing real world programming experience for students in the following:


Upon completing these courses, students will know everything they need to attain the following industry recognized certifications.

  • Unity User: Programmer
  • Unity User: Artist
  • Unity Certified Associate: Game Developer
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