Mastery Coding™: Preparing Students for a Digital Future

Mastery Coding™ empowers students to meet the challenges of tomorrow through intelligent technology education.

Cross-Disciplinary, Standards-Based Curricula

Using a research-based approach to instruction, we provide standards-based computer science, Esports, CTE, and STEM curricula that combines critical thinking, integrated academics, and project-based learning.


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One of the biggest challenges math teachers face today is the practical element of math for the students. Most of my students do not see the importance of learning math or learning to apply math in the real world. With Gamer Math, students immediately see how math matters.
Helen Papadopoulos
California Teacher of the Year
Suzanne Middle School
"He was very excited...he liked the community aspects of it, he really enjoyed some of the lectures from his coach; I was actually pleasantly surpised by some of them...I thought that they brought up some great topics like on health, managing his mental health and physical health while still participating...overall, I was very pleased with the program."
Parent of Esports Student

How it Works: Partnering with Mastery Coding™

Our Step-By-Step Onboarding Process

How do you get our coding and esports courses up and running? We understand every school has its own needs, so we’ve built in the flexibility to meet you exactly where you are.

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Step 1: Assess Readiness

We work together to craft a plan based on your current technology and teacher readiness.

Step 2: Administrator & Tech Setup

Our team helps you through the entire setup process.

Step 3: Professional Development

Our training ensures you feel confident to deliver our curriculum with ease.

Step 4: Ongoing Support

We’ll be with you the whole way to help you work with our built-in LMS and guarantee both student and teacher success!

Step 5: Feedback & Evaluation

We’re all ears to learn how we can better serve you and your school.

Professional Development

We prepare teachers to succeed. Created by teachers for teachers, there is no prior computer science experience necessary for educators to be successful.

We Support our Teachers

We emphasize making our courses easy to teach with resources, professional development, and help from specialists. With Mastery Coding™, your teachers are in good hands.

Our Curriculum: Custom Content for Your School!

What’s your schedule like? We’re prepared to make our courses work for your school.

  • Bell Schedule
  • After School
  • Summer
  • Fall, Winter, and Spring Breaks
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Our Products

Courses for All Grade Levels

Did you know that Mastery Coding™ offers pathways from elementary to high school? Our gamer-to-maker curriculum puts your students on a pathway to success. Learn more about our coding courses!

Product Breakdown

By using Mastery Coding™, you aren't only getting an engaging computer science curriculum. You’re also getting award-winning support! As your one-stop shop for computer science curricula, we set up students and teachers for success.

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Mastery Coding™ LMS

All learning and teaching materials are accessed online through our LMS. Our built-in grade book can be exported in IMS OneRoster Gradebook format for easy importing into an LMS or SIS of your choice.

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Our comprehensive project-based curriculum comes with an array of resources for both students and teachers. The smooth instructional flow guides students through the complex subject of computer science with plenty of opportunities to copy, implement, and practice.

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Professional Development

We prepare teachers to succeed. Created by teachers for teachers, there is no prior computer science experience necessary for educators to be successful.

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Everything you need for a Smooth Teaching Experience

We provide a full solution for coding and computer science education with plenty of resources, both for teachers and students that make teaching coding easy.

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Video-based curriculum*

Our video-based courses use engaging video lectures to teach students concepts and demonstrate how to put new skills into practice.

Easy-to-use rubrics

Practice assignments and projects are easy to grade with our rubrics. Teachers can assess assignments without knowing how to code.

Vocabulary and Documentation

Each section includes a list of vocabulary with definitions and links to the official documentation for technical concepts.

Auto-graded quizzes

Quizzes are included periodically throughout the course to gauge student understanding of the materials. These are graded automatically and include explanations for each question.

Mastery Coding™’s Educational Philosophy

We believe that curriculum should culminate in students being self-sufficient and capable of designing and building a software application from scratch. Our teaching approach gradually releases responsibility from the course materials onto the student using project-based learning.

Students are motivated to learn real skills and topics because they can create increasingly impressive projects using real industry tools and technologies. This way, the "how does this topic relate to me" barrier that often impedes learning in other STEM topics is gently removed.

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