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Product Breakdown

By using Mastery Coding™, you aren't only getting an engaging computer science curriculum -you’re also getting award-winning support! As your one-stop shop for computer science curricula, we set up students and teachers for success.

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Mastery Coding™ LMS

All learning and teaching materials are accessed online through our LMS. Our built-in grade book can be exported in IMS OneRoster Gradebook format for easy importing into an LMS or SIS of your choice.

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Our project-based curriculum comes with resources for students and teachers, guiding students through computer science with opportunities to copy, implement and practice.

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Professional Development

We prepare teachers to succeed. Created by teachers for teachers, there is no prior computer science experience necessary for educators to be successful.

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Everything you need for a Smooth Teaching Experience

We provide a full solution for coding and computer science education with plenty of resources, both for teachers and students that make teaching coding easy.

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Video-Based Curriculum

Our video-based courses use engaging video lectures to teach students concepts and demonstrate how to put new skills into practice.

Easy-to-use rubrics

Practice assignments and projects are easy to grade with our rubrics. Teachers can assess assignments without knowing how to code.

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Vocabulary and Documentation

Each section includes a list of vocabulary with definitions and links to the official documentation for technical concepts.

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Auto-graded quizzes

Periodic quizzes made to gauge student understanding are graded automatically and include explanations for each question.

Pathway to Student Success


Our video lectures and slideshow presentations expose students to new computer science and programming concepts. Through follow-along lessons, they get a chance to see how to practically apply those new ideas.


Once students learn a concept and see examples of it being applied, they are given a chance to solidify their knowledge by implementing the concepts on their own through practice activities and projects.


Through debugging code and reflecting on assignments, students identify gaps in their knowledge and are driven to learn more. Fun and engaging activities encourage students to dive deeper and put theory into practice.

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Students demonstrate mastery of the skills and knowledge they gained by completing their coding projects to specification, attaining industry-recognized certifications, and creating impressive portfolio pieces.