Middle School STEM Courses:
Coding Curriculum with STEM Connections

Our cross-disciplinary, project-based computer science courses for middle school are sure to ignite students' passion for STEM and are a great introduction to computer science.

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Middle School Coding Courses

Through project-based learning, students build a portfolio of their own web applications while reinforcing cross-disciplinary and STEAM connections from their other classes.

We offer two web-based coding courses:

Our Middle School Offerings

Game Development Foundations

Game Development Foundations (GDF) leverages the excitement of creating games to teach computer science, mathematics, and problem-solving.

Core Topics: JavaScript, UI design, arithmetic, 2D animation

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Web Development Foundations

WDF covers HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, making it the perfect root course for all middle and high school computer science courses.

Core Topics: HTML, CSS, JavaScript, DOM Manipulation, Event-Driven Development

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Our Middle School STEM courses are a great introduction to computer science for students with no prior comp sci or programming experience. Contact us to find out how to bring Mastery Coding to your school!

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Looking for engaging STEM electives at your school?

Get students engaged and interested in STEM fields and careers with our elective and supplemental courses!

Low Barrier to Entry

Our middle school curriculum is easy to implement in any school.

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Low Technical Requirements

All you need to run our middle school curriculum is a Chromebook, headphones, and a three-button mouse!

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Easy to Teach

Teachers with no computer science or coding experience can easily teach and facilitate our courses thanks to our video-based curriculum and extensive teaching resources.

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Low Floor, High Ceiling

No prior coding experience is needed for students to succeed in our courses. Throughout the class, students learn to build professional-level content

Well-Rounded Computer Science Curriculum

Our offerings go beyond teaching kids how to code. From environmental sciences to pixel art, our coding courses integrate STEAM and other subject areas to give students a well-rounded and fun learning experience.

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STEAM Connections

STEAM connections weaved into our courses expose students to a range of STEM fields and reinforce knowledge in relevant, computer science adjacent subjects.

Cross-Disciplinary Content

The cross-disciplinary nature of our courses makes them more engaging to students with diverse interests, creating a perfect introduction to computer science with no prior coding experience needed to succeed.

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Digital Coding Project Portfolios

Our courses focus on web application development which culminates in students having a collection of browser-based projects and design assets that can be shown to future employers as part of a digital portfolio.

Check out what kind of projects students will be building with Mastery Coding!

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Interested in High School options?

Check out our High School CTE programs and see how you can use the excitement of game development to teach computer science and coding while preparing your students for industry-recognized certifications!

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Benefits of Browser-Based Application Development

Students learn JavaScript, a high-level programming language currently used on all major web browsers. Writing the code for games using JavaScript allows for control over every game feature with no dependency on external sources and makes it possible for all the games to run in the browser.

Building browser-based apps introduces students to the various career paths that exist within game and web application design and development.