Expanded Learning Esports Enrichment

3-8th Grade

Help students level up academically, improve social-emotional well-being and develop as well-rounded individuals while engaging in competitive gaming.

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Use Gaming to Improve Academics and Social-Emotional Well-Being

Using the innovative Game-and-Learn™ philosophy, this program merges the excitement of gaming with genuine learning to enhance academic enrichment and social-emotional well-being. Students become not only better gamers but also more well-rounded individuals. High-quality instruction and a supportive esports environment allow students to develop essential digital skills while having fun. Our holistic approach ensures growth academically, socially, and emotionally, preparing students for success in the digital age.


Grade Band: Grades 3-8

Format: 8 or 16 sessions

Prerequisites: None


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Engaging Gameplay

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Video-Based Lessons

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Self-Grading Quizzes

Program Format

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Video-based lessons for students to follow
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8 session or 16 session programs available
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Run program on your own schedule
Project-based, video curriculum for computer science and coding.

Program Benefits

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Discover careers in and around esports

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Develop social emotional well-being

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Become involved in a community

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Have fun and make new friends

Why Choose Mastery Coding's Expanded Learning Esports Enrichment Program?

Professional development and improvement

High Quality Professional Development Included

The Mastery Coding Expanded Learning Esports Program prides itself on providing high-quality professional development at no additional cost We have extensive experience in running successful esports programs across the nation.

Virtual instructor

Optional Virtual Staffing

We provide virtual staffing as an optional add-on for a low fee for sites that need a facilitator of the program. By combining our internal qualification process, comprehensive background checks, and ongoing professional development, we ensure that our virtual staff are not only highly qualified but also equipped to deliver exceptional expanded learning esports programs.


Reaching and Engaging a New Group of Students 

Esports can engage students who may not be interested in traditional extracurricular activities and provide an alternative pathway to community involvement, social-emotional well-being, and academic success. Our program successfully includes plurilingual and neurodivergent students, fostering inclusive participation.

Social emotional well-being

Social-Emotional Learning

We place a strong emphasis on socio-emotional learning. Our staff support students in developing critical social skills, building positive relationships, and managing their emotions. This holistic approach helps students become well-rounded individuals.


Promotes Diversity, Access and Equity 

The Expanded Learning Esports Program promotes diversity, access, and equity by leveraging the benefits of esports in schools. It ensures all students, irrespective of background, engage in meaningful learning, fostering academic, social, and emotional growth. Our inclusive curriculum integrates academic content into gaming, boosting critical thinking and problem-solving skills. 


Safe & Supportive Learning Environment for All

This program ensures a safe and supportive environment that addresses the developmental, socio-emotional, and physical needs of all students. Our staff promote well-being through anti-bullying practices, building healthy relationships, mandated reporting, and immediate emergency responses. We foster a culture of respect and inclusivity where every student feels valued and protected.

Technical Requirements by Game

Rocket League

Super Smash Bros.

Minecraft Edu

Mario Kart

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