Project-Based Game Development

High School CTE Pathways

Our Game and App Development pathway, comprised of two high school-level coding courses, is designed to equip students with the skills they need for future careers in the rapidly evolving field of technology. This pathway aligns with several states' CTE (Career and Technical Education) pathways.

Game and App Development Courses

Mastery Coding’s flagship Game and App Development pathway uses cross-disciplinary, project-based learning to teach core Unity coding skills and offer a direct path to four industry-based certifications.

Industry-Based Certifications

The Game and App Development pathway uses cross-disciplinary, project-based learning to teach core Unity coding skills and offer a direct path to industry-based certifications.
Unity User: Programmer
Unity User: Artist
Unity Certified Associate: Game Developer
Unity Certified Associate: Programmer
Unity Certified User Artist certificationUnity Certified User Programmer certificationUnity Certified Associate Game Developer certificationUnity Certified Associate Programmer certification logo
Unity User and Associate certifications
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Computer Science Foundations

Get your students certified and prepare them with a solid foundation of computer science and coding with Python, a versatile and beginner friendly programming language.

Earn Three Industry-Based Certifications

Certiport IT Specialist Python
PCEP Certified Entry-Level Python Programmer
KnowledgePillars Python Coding Apprentice

Curriculum Based on State CTE Program Standards

The Game and App Development Pathway may align with state CTE Pathways including:
Software/App Development and Design
Coding and Computer Science
Game Development and Design
Simulation/Animation Design and Programming
Design and Multimedia

Prepare your High Schoolers to be Career-Ready

Our coding curricula aims to prepare high school students to be ready to apply to jobs in the tech industry. Dedicated modules on career-readiness ensure students have a clear set of next-steps to help them reach their goals.

Career-Readiness Topics

Industry Awareness

Students explore the different roles on game development teams and learn about the hiring process.

Becoming Employable

Students learn how to built a professional portfolio of their projects and how to put together a resume that will get them hired.

Getting Hired

Students learn the in's and out's of finding, applying for, and landing a job.

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Why Choose Our High School Coding Pathway?

Comprehensive Coding Curriculum

Our coding pathway offers a comprehensive curriculum that caters specifically to high school students. It is meticulously designed to provide a well-rounded understanding of game and app development, ensuring students acquire essential computer science and programming skills.

Industry-Based Certifications

We prepare students for success by offering preparation materials and guidance for four industry-recognized certification exams. These certifications validate students' expertise in game development and enhance their job and career readiness.

Project-Based Learning

Our video-based courses follow a project-based learning approach, allowing students to apply their knowledge while building real-world projects. By actively engaging in hands-on coding projects, students develop a strong foundation in computer science and programming, fostering creativity and problem-solving skills.

CTE Pathway Alignment

Our Game and App Development pathway aligns with various states' CTE pathways, ensuring that students gain industry-relevant skills and knowledge. By following our curriculum, students can seamlessly transition into related college programs or enter the workforce well-prepared.

No Prior Programming Knowledge Required

Our courses are designed to be accessible to all students, irrespective of their teachers' programming expertise. The curriculum includes step-by-step video tutorials, comprehensive lesson plans, and extensive resources, making it easy for teachers to guide students effectively.

Fun and Engaging for Students

We use the excitement of game development to create high school computer science courses that are not only highly engaging but result in students creating impressive digital portfolios of their own unique work.


Equip High School Students with In-Demand Coding Skills

By choosing our Game and App Development pathway, you are empowering your high school students with valuable coding skills and preparing them for future success. Our curriculum, aligned with CTE pathways, provides a strong foundation in computer science, project-based learning, and industry-recognized certifications. Invest in their future today.



C# + Visual Studio Code


Unity, Visual Studio Code, C# and Blender

Why Choose Our High School Coding Pathway?

We understand the importance of preparing students for successful careers in the tech industry. Our high school coding pathway emphasizes job and career readiness.

Skill Development

Our curriculum focuses on the practical skills required in the field of game and app development, ensuring students have the expertise to thrive in the industry.

Portfolio Building

Students will create a portfolio of projects throughout the pathway, showcasing their abilities and demonstrating their creativity and problem-solving skills to prospective employers or college admissions committees.

Industry-Recognized Certifications

By offering preparation materials and guidance for Unity certifications, we enable students to enhance their resumes and demonstrate their proficiency to potential employers.
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