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Channel your students' passion for gaming into career and college opportunities with our project-based STEM curriculum.

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Enter your team into the Mastery Esports League to compete with other schools across the nation.

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What we Offer

Our standards-based curriculum uses a research-backed approach to instruction to generate student engagement. We provide exciting computer programming, esports, and STEM curriculum that combines critical thinking with project-based learning.

Computer Science Curriculum

Put your students on the pathway to college scholarships, industry certifications, and opportunities in emerging technologies with our computer science and STEM curriculum.

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Academic Esports

Drive student engagement in a multitude of fields by channeling their passion for gaming into college and career opportunities. All new for 2022, powered by Mastery Esports™.

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Extended Learning

Our gaming camps and clubs help students advance critical thinking skills and develop communication tools while taking a deep dive into today's most popular games.

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Benefits of Mastery Coding

Standards-based curriculum
Earns CTE industry certifications
Remediates learning loss
Top tier professional development
Provides equity to diverse learners
Covers the 5 SEL core competencies
High student engagement
Evidence-based instructional methodology

Funding Sources for MC Courses

You have mandates, we have award winning curriculum. Discover how our products align to your federal educational funding sources.

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See How Student Engagement Meets SEL

The high engagement, cross-disciplinary STEAM connections and SEL focus are wins for students, the professional development is a win for educators, and the pathways to industry certifications are wins for the entire school.

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Standards-Based Curriculum

Explore Mastery Coding’s standards-based computer science curriculum, made to align with state CTE pathways. These pathway solutions prepare students for industry certifications while driving student engagement by making coding fun.

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Discover Mastery Coding’s Extensive Support

Built by educators for educators. We place emphasis on making our courses easy to teach with resources, professional development, and help from specialists. Our video-based instruction guides students through the challenges of learning to code.

Turn your gamers into makers with Mastery Esports!

Our academic esports programs tap the benefits of esports by going beyond just nurturing great gamers and providing opportunities for STEM career exploration. Learn More About Our Esports Courses.

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Courses for All Grade Levels

Did you know that Mastery Coding offers pathways all the way from elementary to high school? Our gamer-to-maker curriculum puts your students on a pathway to success. Learn more about our coding courses!

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Fun and Engaging Computer Science Curriculum

Our Game and App Development courses use video-based instruction and project-based learning to teach computer science in a way that captures students' interest.

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Combining Computer Science and STEM Curriculum

Our Middle School STEM coding offerings go beyond teaching kids how to code. STEAM connections weaved into our courses expose students to a range of STEM fields and reinforce knowledge in relevant, computer science adjacent subjects.

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It's a way of getting the kids to get a really excellent skill set, but doing it in a way that doesn't feel like work.

H.H. Garza
Principal at Bruni HS

We live in a digital world, our kids are fully engrained into it, [so] why not make it available and why not grow with them?

Carmen Crosse
Asst. Superintendent of HS