Turn-Key STEM Curriculum for K-12 Education

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Turn-Key STEM Curriculum for K-12 Education

Posters, Cheat Sheets and More

Free Resources

Check out our free resources for your computer science and esports classrooms. From fun and informative posters to articles with tips and tricks to boost student performance, we have materials to help teachers.
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Mastery Coding™ is the All-Inclusive Coding Education Solution Your School Needs

Standards-based curriculum

Our high school CTE pathway aligns with coding, game development, and software CTE pathways across the nation. See how we align with your state.

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Top-tier professional development

From onboarding to ongoing PD and 24hr support channels, we offer teachers the PD and support they need to be successful.


Earns CTE industry certifications

Our middle school and high school courses prepare students to attain industry-recognized technology certifications.


Builds confidence and portfolios

Our project-based courses give students the chance to apply newly learned skills and knowledge to impressive projects. See projects your students could be building with our curriculum.

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Anyone can teach Mastery Coding™

Our video-based curriculum provides extensive teaching resources so that teachers with no prior CS knowledge can teach and facilitate with ease.


Versatile implementation

Mastery Coding™ offers products that can be taught in-the-bell schedule, after school, or during school breaks.


Everything you need to know about how to bring Mastery Coding to your school. Can’t find the answer you’re looking for? Please contact us.
I'm interested. How do I purchase and what is the cost?
Our curriculum can be purchased at the district or school/organization level. Pricing varies based on the number of students and specific needs. Please contact our sales team for a customized quote and detailed pricing information.
I'm a teacher. How much technical expertise do I need to teach one of these courses at my school?
Teaching our courses requires little to no technical knowledge. We provide comprehensive curriculum materials and offer complementary professional development and ongoing support to ensure teachers succeed.
Can I see the product?
Absolutely! We offer demos of our curriculum. Please schedule a demo and see how our courses can benefit your school or district.
I am a student/parent of a student. Can I purchase Mastery Coding curriculum?
Mastery Coding curricula are designed for k-12 schools and are not available for direct purchase by students or parents. Schools or districts can acquire the curriculum for classroom use, both in physical and virtual settings.
How is the curriculum delivered?
Our curriculum is delivered through our courseware, which integrates with educational data providers like Google Classroom, Canvas, and Schoology. Lessons are primarily video-based, with self-grading quizzes and project-based activities to assess understanding.
What are the technical requirements for your courses?
The technical requirements depend on the specific course. Many of our courses can run on basic hardware, including Chromebooks. Detailed, course-specific requirements are listed on course pages.
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See what our Customers Say About Us

“The thing I like best about the platform and the curriculum is that it's really straight-forward [...] for the kids so that they can do stuff that's interesting for them.”

Bryan Kitzrow

Instructor, Francis Tuttle Rockwell Campus

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