Electives and Supplemental Curriculum

Mastery Coding™'s Enrichment Electives and Supplemental Curriculum provide educational variety and unique learning methods to enhance their more traditional academic curriculum.

Enrichment courses allow students to move beyond their comfort zones, experiment with new activities, and rise to accomplish new learning challenges.

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Our Elective Offerings

Career Explorations in Esports

This one-of-a-kind elective allows students to explore a variety of high-paying professions inside the dynamic industry of esports.

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Gamer Math™

Use today’s most popular video games as a vehicle for standards-based math instruction and raise student scores.

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Introduction to Game Development

Teach students with no prior coding experience how to conceptualize, design, and make their very own game with this course.

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Our electives and supplemental curricula are a great way to drive student interest in STEAM. Contact us to find out how to bring Mastery Coding™ to your school!

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Electives Help Schools Thrive

Students can learn more about their interests

When students are provided with a pathway to learn more about their interests, they have an opportunity to improve at what they love!

Students explore new disciplines

Electives are the perfect way to go beyond the core curriculum that a school offers.

Support learning in core subjects

When elective subjects overlap with the lessons learned in core subjects, students review what they already know and make new connections.

Students develop a niche skill set

A well-rounded student makes for a hireable worker. The more skills students pick up in school now, the better outcomes they will see when they’re in the workforce.

Mastery Coding™ Electives Help Your Students Achieve Their Dreams!

Technical Education

Our curriculum provides students with an exploration into potential careers and new passions. Mastery Coding™ students are better prepared to enter the workforce when they complete their education.

Using What Students Already Love: Video Games

Electives are the perfect way to go beyond the core curriculum that a school offers.

Social Emotional Learning

Soft skills are crucial to develop. Each elective contains tie-ins to social and emotional well-being, where students gain valuable resources to regulate themselves, their time, and their social interactions.

Gentle Support

After a full day of valuable core lessons, students benefit from taking time to unwind, have fun, and be creative. Mastery Coding™ electives ensure that their fun time is also productive and educational!

STEM Connections

Our courses implement multidisciplinary content to help students bolster the education they receive in their core curriculum.

Our Curriculum: Custom Content for Your School!

What’s your schedule like? We’re prepared to make our courses work for your school.

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We offer computer science and STEM curricular solutions for all levels of learners. Check out our award-winning courses to see what fits your school's needs.

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Product Breakdown

By using Mastery Coding™, you aren't only getting an engaging computer science curriculum. You’re also getting award-winning support! As your one-stop shop for computer science curriculum, we set up students and teachers for success.

Mastery Coding™ LMS

All learning and teaching materials are accessed online through our LMS. Our built-in grade book can be exported in IMS OneRoster Gradebook format for easy importing into an LMS or SIS of your choice.


Our comprehensive project-based curriculum comes with an array of resources for both students and teachers. The smooth instructional flow guides students through the complex subject of computer science with plenty of opportunities to copy, implement, and practice.

Professional Development

We prepare teachers to succeed. Created by teachers for teachers, there is no prior computer science experience necessary for educators to be successful.

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