Use today’s most popular video games as a vehicle for standards-based math instruction and raise student scores.

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Teach Math Skills Using the Video Games Students Know and Love

GamerMath™ provides a one-of-a-kind, engaging curriculum that uses gaming and esports as a vehicle for standards-based math instruction.

GamerMath is available in two options:

  • GamerMath (Aligned to Elementary Math Standards)
  • GamerMath² (Aligned to Middle School Math Standards)
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A 60-hour standards-based math curriculum

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Comprehensive data and reporting

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Into-Through-Beyond instructional methodology

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A gradual release of responsibility framework

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Teach standards-based math using the games students know and love

Our lessons are aligned to national math standards.

Unit 1:

Lines and Angles with Madden

multiplication and division blocks

Unit 2:

Multiplication with Pokémon

money sign

Unit 3:

Time and Money with Clash Royale

addition and subtraction blocks

Unit 4:

Addition and Subtraction with Lego 2k Drive


Unit 5:

Fractions with Fall Guys


Unit 1:

Integers with FIFA

three to four ratio

Unit 2:

Ratios with Rocket League

number blocks

Unit 3:

The Number System with Mario Kart

division sign

Unit 4:

Percentages with Super Smash Bros

bar graph

Unit 5:

Statistics and Probability with NBA2k


Unit 6:

Geometry with Minecraft


Unit 7:

Lines and Angles with Madden

5 Core Principles of GamerMath™

Culturally Responsive Teaching means being aware of the cultural backgrounds and experiences of your students and incorporating relevant examples and contexts into your math lessons.

Statistics graphic showing how many American kids play video games

Why it works:

  • Increases engagement; students love video games
  • Validates students’ intrinsic interests; elevates participation in their studies
  • Fosters positive student/teacher relationships

Gamer Math focuses on developing students' conceptual understanding of mathematics rather than just teaching procedural skills. Helping students understand why mathematical procedures work leads to better long-term retention.

Image of slide from GamerMath course showing how volume is calculated

Why it works:

  • Students analyze problems, make connections, and solve challenges rather than rely on rote memorization
  • Learners understand the “why” behind the math problems
  • Concepts that are more deeply understood are more likely to be retained for long periods of time

GamerMath uses visual aids, diagrams, and graphs to illustrate mathematical concepts. Visual representations can make abstract ideas more concrete and accessible.

Image of slide from GamerMath course

Why it works:

  • Gaming visuals make math more exciting and enjoyable
  • Makes math ideas and concepts concrete for learners; they can “see” the math
  • Research has proven that visual representations improve long-term retention

GamerMath breaks down complex concepts into smaller, more manageable steps. Our curriculum gradually increases the complexity of problems as students gain confidence and competence.

GamerMath course unit and chapter outline on Mastery Coding platform

Why it works:

  • Presents information in digestible chunks; breaks down complex math concepts into smaller, manageable steps
  • Incorporates problem-solving activities that gradually increase in complexity
  • Allows teachers to identify specific areas of struggle and provide additional guidance or resources to address those challenges

Show how mathematics is relevant to everyday life and real-world situations. Connecting math to practical applications helps students see its value.

Image of slide from GamerMath course

Why it works:

  • Increases engagement and validates students’ intrinsic interests
  • Fosters positive student/teacher relationships
  • Shows real-world practicality of math
  • Helps students get better at their favorite games

Versatile Implementation Options

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Supplemental Instruction
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A “Hook” to Engage at the Start of a Unit
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Summer School Programming
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After School/Extended Learning
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