Career Explorations in Esports

This one-of-a-kind elective allows students to explore a variety of high-paying professions inside the dynamic, multi-billion dollar industry of esports.

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Careers Explored

  • Esports Player/Manager
  • Software Developer and Game Designer
  • Shoutcaster, Streamer
  • Business Development and Partnerships
  • Event Planning and Sponsorship
  • Agent, Lawyer, Player Advocate
  • Communications Director, Marketing and Media
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What will students learn?

  • What is the job, average salary range, and who hires for the position
  • What skills and level of education are required to be successful in each career strand
  • What does a typical “week in the life” of each professional look like
  • What employment opportunities are available in today’s market
  • Which hard and soft skills do employers seek in job candidates
  • What is the pathway from apprentice to professional
  • How does this skill in esports connect to other industries

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STEAM Connections


Health Sciences:
Nutrition, Physiology, Psychology


Media Technologies:
Broadcasting, Social Media, Production


Software Engineering:
Game Design, Equipment, Hardware, Coding


Event Planning, Marketing, Promotion


Business & Finance:
Percentages, Contracts, Agents, Lawyers

What the Course Provides

  • 30 hours of multifaceted career exploration curriculum
  • Self-grading assessments
  • Project-based learning
  • Capstone career exploration project w/ grading rubric
  • Includes PD at no additional cost

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