Game-and-Make™ Camps and Clubs

Do you want to turn your students' passion for gaming into an opportunity for learning? Our virtual gaming camps and clubs do just that.

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Turn Gaming Time into Learning Time

Our esports and gaming camps and clubs allow students to follow their passion for gaming down productive STEM pathways like coding, software design, entrepreneurship, and engineering while emphasizing social-emotional learning and good ol' fashioned FUN!

Our Gaming Camp and Club Offerings

Game-and-Make™ Programs (grades 3-8)

Tactics, Tips & Tricks: Among Us™ Camp and Club

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EngineeringCraft: Minecraft™ Camp and Club

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SocietyCraft: Minecraft™ Civilization Camp and Club

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Academic Esports™ Programs (grades 6-12)

Academic Esports: Rocket League™ Camp and Club

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Academic Esports: Overwatch™ Camp and Club

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Academic Esports: Fortnite™ Camp and Club

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Both camps and clubs are facilitated by Mastery Coding™ certified instructors.


  • Delivered across multiple weeks
  • Can be run after school, during breaks, or on holidays
  • Includes additional activities outside of live sessions


  • Delivered over the course of a week (3 days)
  • 3-hour sessions
  • No additional activities outside of live sessions

Want to boost student engagement with extended learning programs in academic esports? Chat with us to find an implementation that works for you!

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Interested in non-gaming extended learning programs?

Mastery Coding™ also offers two academic camps and clubs that introduce students to programming and computer science.

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Benefits of our Camps and Clubs

Our gaming camps and clubs not only help students get better at their favorite games but do so while immersing them in fun STEAM lessons and teaching them about healthy and productive gaming.

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Game-and-Learn philosophy: uses gaming as a tool for engagement and deep learning

Emphasis on social-emotional learning to shape healthy students and gamers

Trusted, high-energy Mastery Coding™ instructors

Well-balanced between critical-thinking workshops and strategic gameplay

Turn your gamers into makers with Mastery Esports!

Our academic esports programs tap the benefits of esports by going beyond just nurturing great gamers and providing opportunities for STEM career exploration. Learn More About Our Esports Courses.

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