Academic Esports: Fortnite™ Camp and Club

Designed for students who want to “up their game”, this intensive camp provides the pathways, tools, tips, and detailed in-game techniques that top Fortnite players use to win tournaments, procure sponsors, and earn followers.

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Topics Covered

Master the concepts that will empower you to get to the next level:

  • Game settings and keybinds
  • Early, mid, and late game mindsets
  • The builds
  • Zones and rotations and dropping considerations
  • Aim training
  • Advanced builds
  • Box fighting and edits
  • Team roles and loadouts (duos vs trios vs quads)


Gaming Camps and Clubs


Grades 6-12

Skill Level

All Skill Levels

Cross-Disciplinary Connections

  • Students will understand, study, and analyze the map used in the game in order to better understand the value of maps across the spectrum of history.
  • Students will learn new mechanics in the game, how they function, and when to use them in order to see the connection of how we now live in a world where one is always learning (and there is no “end point” no matter what discipline you are studying.)
  • Students will analyze gameplay to better understand how the art of reflection improves performance across all pursuits.

STEAM Connections


Students will understand the connection between Hz and FPS and what settings in their devices can help them optimize their gameplay experience.


Students will learn about computer hardware and console peripherals as it relates to in-game performance and careers in IT.


Students will be able to understand how physics and geometry are used to build in Fortnite (as well as principles such as momentum and acceleration).


Students will develop their teamwork and communication skills by forming and maintaining teams that must work together to succeed.


Students will understand how to analyze and calculate damage totals by finding ratios through numerical compare and contrast methodology.

SEL Competencies


Students will develop their ability to advocate for themselves by being able to identify and express their emotions to each other in a positive manner.


Students will develop their time management skills by having a mixture of “game time” and “practice time” where they will be required to learn and practice along with the instructor as they are taught new mechanics.

Social Awareness

Students will develop their social skills by working together with their teammates as they learn the core principles of teamwork and effective communication.

Responsible Decision Making

Students will learn how each situation they are presented with has multiple, viable options and see the relationship between choosing wisely and choosing quickly.

Relationship Skills

Students will understand the value of good sportsmanship and how to be kind and considerate in both victory and defeat.

Technical Requirements

  • Fortnite on PC or Console (Playstation, Xbox, or Switch)
  • Zoom Video Conferencing
  • Solid internet connection


Both camps and clubs are facilitated by Mastery Coding certified instructors.


  • Delivered across multiple weeks
  • Can be run after school, during breaks or on holidays
  • Includes additional activities outside of live sessions


  • Delivered over the course of a week (3 days)
  • 3 hour sessions
  • No additional activities outside of live sessions

All camps & clubs are facilitated by Mastery Coding certified instructors (virtual).

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