Academic Esports: Rocket League™ Camp and Club

This fast-paced and action-filled experience is designed for students looking to take their skills to the next level, and have a lot of fun in the process. Combining engaging gameplay with critical thinking workshops allows students to learn new concepts, master in-game techniques, and improve overall team strategy and coordination.

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Topics Covered

Rocket League Topics Covered:

  • Basic, Intermediate, and Complex Mechanics
  • Player positioning and three-car rotations
  • Offensive and defensive roles
  • Boost Management and rotation routes
  • How to analyze your own gameplay
  • Communication and teamwork tips
  • Car types and hitboxes


Gaming Camps and Clubs


Grades 6-12

Skill Level


Cross-Disciplinary Connections

  • Students will be taught the step-by-step processes to compete at continually higher ranks within the game as an exemplar of learning how expertise is formed across the study of all disciplines.
  • Students will learn how the impact of owning positive communication skills applies to college and career readiness.
  • Students will critically review their own in-game performance as a means of understanding how earnest self-reflection is critical to successful achievement.

STEAM Connections


Students will learn the principles of foundational physics and, through engaging gameplay, discover how to manipulate physics to their own advantage.


Students will be taught a break-down of of how search-engines operate and how the skill of seeking out online information can be effectively streamlined.


Students will learn about the basic hardware and software makeup of computers and how each component has an impact on Rocket-League (or any other esport they choose to play).


Students will understand the concept of ‘cyberbullying’ to not only protect themselves from being victimized, but to also help positively impact the gaming environments around them.


The program will teach students about core geometry concepts and how in-game knowledge of geometry makes them more effective players.

SEL Competencies


Students will be given the chance to recognize where they can begin setting goals in order to successfully organize and reach objectives.


Students will develop problem-solving tools in order to react properly to missteps and learn from previous errors.

Social Awareness

Students will identify and recognize their personal strengths while finding ways to elevate areas where they encounter personal challenges, in-game and in life.

Responsible Decision Making

Students will learn about making decisions and understanding that actions have consequences in real life and inside of the game when you’re trying to win.

Relationship Skills

An essential skill set for anyone aiming to develop in a team-based environment, students will develop their interpersonal interactions.

Technical Requirements

  • Rocket League (On any platform)
  • Supported Devices/Consoles: PC, Nintendo Switch, Xbox, Playstation
  • USB Gamepad strongly suggested
  • Zoom Video Conferencing
  • Reliable Internet connection


Both camps and clubs are facilitated by Mastery Coding certified instructors.


  • Delivered across multiple weeks
  • Can be run after school, during breaks or on holidays
  • Includes additional activities outside of live sessions


  • Delivered over the course of a week (3 days)
  • 3 hour sessions
  • No additional activities outside of live sessions

All camps & clubs are facilitated by Mastery Coding certified instructors (virtual).

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