Digital Adventures in Computer Science

From learning what code is and how it works to learning how to keep their information and online activity protected, private and secure, this program teaches the essential introductory computer science knowledge students need to be successful and safe in today’s technological world.

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Topics Covered

  • The Essentials of Coding: Students discover how they can use code to communicate with their computers.
  • Digital Citizenship: Students learn to be kind and respectful online.
  • Hardware &. Software: Students learn about the components that make up a computer, and the software that helps it run.
  • Core Logic: Students learn the basics of how computers think.
  • Cyber Safety: Students discover how to use the internet safely.


Computer Science


Grades 3-5

Skill Level

Cross-Disciplinary Connections

  • Students will be taught the academic vocabulary of the discipline so that they own the core literacy tools needed to understand the interdisciplinary concepts.
  • Students will learn how the process of trial and error applies to science, mathematics, and entrepreneurship.
  • Students will learn how the history of coding, computer science and technological innovation coincides with the evolution of societies across the globe.

STEAM Connections


Students will learn about the functions and foundational principles of sequencing, algorithms, loops, and if- statements.


Students will be taught the rules of digital interaction, how to make a password and the core principles of cybersecurity, online safety and digital citizenship.


Students will learn about the basic hardware and software makeup of computers and the impact of each component on the larger system.


Students will understand the concept of ‘cyberbullying’ to not only protect themselves from being victimized, but to also help positively impact the online environments in which they participate.


The program will have students apply core math concepts including pattern recognition, estimation and calculating percentages.

SEL Competencies


Students will be given the chance to recognize where they can begin setting goals in order to successfully organize and reach objectives.


Students will develop their time management skills by having a mixture of “explore time” and “assignment time” where they will be required to learn and practice along with the instructor.

Social Awareness

Students will develop their social skills by working together with their teammates as they learn the core principles of teamwork and effective communication.

Responsible Decision Making

An exceptionally important skill in school, the workplace, and home students will see and learn the value teamwork brings to their lives.

Relationship Skills

Students build and maintain healthy relationships with other players through community, cooperation, trade, and peacefully resolving conflict.

Technical Requirements

  • Supported Devices: Chromebooks, PC
  • Zoom Video Conferencing
  • Reliable Internet connection


Both camps and clubs are facilitated by Mastery Coding certified instructors.


  • Delivered across multiple weeks
  • Can be run after school, during breaks or on holidays
  • Includes additional activities outside of live sessions


  • Delivered over the course of a week (3 days)
  • 3 hour sessions
  • No additional activities outside of live sessions

All camps & clubs are facilitated by Mastery Coding certified instructors (virtual).

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