Put team practice to the test in regular inter-school esports competitions.
National Inter-Scholastic Competition

Our Leagues

Each week, participating teams compete remotely against other local schools. Scores are recorded over the length of the competition and qualifying teams advance into a mid-season and post-season tournament crowning champions and granting scholarship prizes to top teams.
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Our Structure

Multiple Entry Points

Teams are able to join the league for the fall, spring, or both

Structured Practice

Teams opt in to weekly scrims with a similarly skilled opponents

Weekly Matches

Teams play one official match per week alongside their coach

Local Matchmaking

We pair teams with local opponents at their skill level

Unlimited Participation

Schools may field any number of teams for all games
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Learn Through Play

We believe gaming should help us grow. We provide weekly lessons that can be taught by facilitators focused on personal development and social-emotional learning. Our content covers:
  • Healthy Gaming
  • Online Safety
  • Team Dynamics
  • Emotional Control
  • Improvement Framework
  • Game-specific Skills
Our Game Titles
Super Smash Bros
League of Legends
Rocket League

Coaching Toolkit

We provide a robust coaching toolkit to help educators facilitate weekly play. Our toolkit is designed to support both new and experienced facilitators, teaching the basics for new coaches with little gaming knowledge and advanced improvements to veteran facilitators.

Esports that's more than Gaming

See what students, parents and teachers have to say about our esports and after-school programs.
It's an excellent program!
"[The students] learned a lot...a considerable amount about teamwork, and how to win, and how to lose, and how to be respectful...from the parent side, I really really liked the program."
Parent of Esports Student
It gave me a head start!
"I liked the broadcasting capstone projects, because I learned how to build a popular career that a lot of people want to do in their lives...[Esports] gave me an early head start to know what to do and what not to do."
Esports Student
Not just about videogames!
"He was very excited...he liked the community aspects of it, he really enjoyed some of the lectures from his coach; I was actually pleasantly suprised by some of them...I thought that they brought up some great topics like on health, managing his mental health and physical health while still participating...overall, I was very pleased with the program."
Parent of Esports Student
I learned a lot!
"I've improved a lot in my building skills, my editing, just like, at the game in general, I've improved a lot...they taught us how to communicate with people more and how to play as a team, which [will be] useful in the future. [My counselors] were cool; they did a good job...I liked meeting people and getting to communicate with so many people and seeing how they play and their strategies."
Esports Student
Esports teaches responsibility.
"[Playing Esports] helped her to get a schedule and stick to helps her to be more focused. If you're learning how to focus by playing Fortnite, then I think that will carry over on to your other studies. It also helped her to become a little more independent on her focus on her studies... it gave them responsibility on top of being fun."
Parent of Esports Student
Esports is something to look forward to!
"He loved was good for him to have an outlet that gave him something to look forward to doing each day, like the practices and the games...especially this last month or so, he's gotten really focused in on getting his schoolwork done, and he's getting a little bit better grades this year."
Parent of Esports Student

Made by educators to transform the next generation

We take an education-first approach to competition, curriculum, and careers.
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