Game Development 2

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Game Development II covers the full game development lifecycle, from design to asset creation to coding tools and behaviors.


Project Portfolio

Through a combination of follow-along projects and self directed activities, students build a unique coding project portfolio demonstrating the skills and knowledge they acquire.

STEM Connections

STEM connections embedded in this course reinforce relevant science and math concepts to provide a well-rounded educational experience.


Upon completing this course, students will be prepared to earn the following industry recognized certification(s):

Unity Certified Associate: Game Developer
Unity Certified Associate: Game Developer
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  • Intermediate C#
  • Git Version Control
  • Asset Management
  • 3D Modeling
  • Animation
  • Code Collaboration
  • Cross-Platform Input Support
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In this course, students will:

  • Learn intermediate C# topics, such as collections, inheritance, interfaces, coroutines, and OOP best practices.
  • Produce realistic audio effects in a 3D scene, accounting for natural phenomena like the doppler effect and reverberation.
  • Use logical state machines to control complex character animations.
  • Apply real-world physics concepts to simulate how different materials respond to light in 3D graphics.
  • Use Unity navmesh agents to produce autonomous AI that can navigate an environment independently.
  • Publish projects to an online career portfolio.

Project Based Learning

Students complete the following projects in this project based course:

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STEAM Connections

Technical Requirements

Hardware (Minimum)

RAM: 8GB or more

CPU: 64-bit quad core AMD GCN1/Intel Haswell or newer

GPU: DX10 Support, 4GB VRAM, Geforce 400 or newer

Hardware (Recommended)

RAM: 16GB or more

CPU: 64-bit eight core AMD GCN1/Intel Haswell or newer

GPU: DX10 Support, 16GB VRAM Geforce 700 or newer


Full HD (1920x1080p) display

Full keyboard

Three-button mouse with scroll wheel

Headphone jack and headphones

Software Installed

Google Chrome

Unity Hub + Unity 2021 LTS

Blender 3.1 or later

Microsoft Visual Studio Code

Operating System

64-bit Windows 10 or later

macOS 11 or later

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