Computer Science Foundations

6-10th Grade

Introduce your students to the world of computer science and prepare them for certifications with our comprehensive, project-based Python course.

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Python: The Perfect Introduction to Computer Science

Computer Science Foundations is a comprehensive introduction to computer science and programming, designed for middle school and high school students. Through engaging projects and clear, step-by-step guidance, students will learn to code in Python while exploring the exciting world of computer science.

Students will

  • Learn Python basics, including syntax, variables, and data types, setting a foundation for programming.
  • Explore control structures, loops, and basic algorithms, enhancing problem-solving skills.
  • Understand data structures and file I/O operations, crucial for practical Python applications.
  • Delve into functions, object-oriented programming, and Python modules, advancing coding proficiency.
  • Study the history and societal impact of computing, along with fundamental software design principles.


Grade Band: Grades 6-10

Format: Year-long (60 hrs)

Prerequisites: None


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Video-Based Lessons

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Earns Certifications

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Self-Grading Quizzes

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Control Structures



Data Analysis



Upon completing this course, students will be prepared to earn the following industry-recognized certification(s):

PCEP Certified Entry-Level Python Programmer

KnowledgePillars Python Coding Apprentice

Certiport IT Specialist - Python

Course Breakdown

Unit 1:

What is Code?

Unit 2:

What is Data?

Unit 3:

What is a Program?

Unit 4:

What is Computer Science?

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Operating System

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