Elective: Introduction to Game Development

Grade Band: 6-12

Teach your students the basics of JavaScript and Game Development in this beginner friendly, condensed 30 hour game development program.

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Made for Beginners

A great course for students with no prior coding experience to learn how to conceptualize, design and make thier very own games.

  • No prior coding experience necessary
  • Highly engaging
  • Dynamic, Interactive & Cross-Disciplinary
  • Utilization of game engines for project development

Students will Learn

  • 2D game art design and asset creation
  • JavaScript Programming
  • Object Oriented Programming
  • Utilization of game engines for project development
  • How to build and deploy browser-based HTML5 games
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What the Course Provides

  • 30 hours of video-based curriculum
  • Self-grading assessments
  • Project-based learning
  • Includes PD at no additional cost
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Want to turn your Gamers into Makers?

Help your students go from zero coding experience to certified game developer through our Game and App Development pathway!

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A Course with Tangible Outcomes

This condensed game development course gets students learning by doing. Students learn the theory of game development as well as introductory computer science concepts by building interactive games that allow them to express their creativity.

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Coding Project Portfolio

At the end of this course, students will have completed two browser-based games using JavaScript, showcasing their coding and game design skills.

Design/Art Portfolio

Students create their own game art assets to customize their games as they learn about the principles of art and design such as color theory.

Course Projects

Narrative Text Adventure

A browser-based text adventure game to learn how to build and incorporate a unique game narrative using JavaScript.

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Word Guessing Game

In this project, students build out a word guessing game where a random word is chosen and the player is given the opportunity to guess letters.

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