Web Development Foundations

6-8th Grade

WDF covers HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, making it the perfect root course for all middle and high school computer science courses.

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Teach Students Programming and Design using Project-Based Lessons

Web Development Foundations (WDF) explores Internet history, coding principles, and languages. WDF teaches HTML, CSS, and JavaScript so students can design, create, and breathe life into visually appealing web pages. Upon completion of this course, students will have a solid understanding of computer science principles and the ability to code interactive web pages from scratch.

Students will

  • Learn the historical context of how computers, code, and the web came to be and use markup language to write and code their own informational document
  • Implement design concepts of unity, color theory, white space, and typography to create a professional-looking web page that works on any device with a web browser
  • Write JavaScript to breathe life into their web pages by leveraging computer science concepts including sequencing, selection, looping, state management, boolean arithmetic, and event-driven development to create web applications that respond to user behavior


Upon completing this course, students will be prepared to earn the following industry-recognized certification(s):

KnowledgePillars HTML & CSS Coding Specialist


Grade Band: Grades 9-12

Format: Year-long

Prerequisites: None



Video-Based Lessons


Earns Certifications


Self-Grading Quizzes


Project Portfolio





Document-Object Model

Web Design


CS Principles

Course Breakdown

Unit 1:

Designing for the Internet

Unit 2:

Web Development Basics

Unit 3:

Introduction to JavaScript

Unit 4:

Advancing with JavaScript

Project Portfolio

Through a combination of follow-along projects and self-directed activities, students build a unique coding project portfolio demonstrating the skills and knowledge they acquire.

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Technical Requirements


RAM: 8GB or more

CPU: 64-bit quad-core AMD GCN1/Intel Haswell or newer

GPU: DX10 Support, 4GB VRAM, Geforce 400 or newer

Hardware (Recommended)

RAM: 16GB or more

CPU: 64-bit eight-core AMD GCN1/Intel Haswell or newer

GPU: DX10 Support, 16GB VRAM Geforce 700 or newer

Software Installed

Google Chrome

Unity Hub + Unity 2021 LTS

Blender 3.1 or later

Microsoft Visual Studio Code


Full HD (1920x1080p) display

Full keyboard

Three-button mouse with scroll wheel

Headphone jack and headphones

Operating System

64-bit Windows 10 or later

macOS 11 or later

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