Introducing GamerMath

GamerMathuses today’s most popular video games as a vehicle for teaching standards-based math instruction.

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Using the Power of Video Games to Boost Math Scores

Discover effective strategies to engage and inspire students who have lost interest in math due to the pandemic. Learn how to meet students where they are and get them excited about math again.
Jason Collar
Math Teacher
Helen Papadopoulos
Math Teacher
Lori Whit
Education Strategist
Alan Sitomer
Founder & CEO
Current Landscape

Math Scores Are Dropping

Data from our nation’s report card shows we just suffered the most significant score decline in math in our country’s history.
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* data from EdWeek Research Center, 2021
Current Landscape

Disengagement is at an All-Time High

Research has found that student motivation and morale has suffered as a result of the pandemic.
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Students Love Video Games

Meet students where they’re at! Data from the Pew Research Center also shows that students’ passion for video games is at an all-time high. Seizing the power of Academic Esports is critical.
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Boost Engagement with GamerMath

 What if you could teach…
Measurement and Data
Ratios & Proportions
The Number System 
Statistics & Probabilities
Patterns & Relationships
Using the games students know and love.
Rocket League
Super Smash Bros
Mario Kart

Students are constantly doing math as they play video games. 

Gamers are consistently:

  • Evaluating probabilities and calculating statistics
  • Seeking out patterns and determining relationships
  • Weighing ratios and assessing proportions
  • Calculating angles and applying geometry
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GamerMath™ Meets Students Where They Are!

Our curriculum, made for educators by educators, includes:

A 30-hour standards-based math curriculum

A gradual release of responsibility framework

Comprehensive data and reporting

Scope and Sequence curriculum map

Into-Through-Beyond instructional methodology

Professional development and ongoing support

Frequently asked questions

Everything you need to know about GamerMath™.
Why does GamerMath prioritize student engagement as a vehicle to achieve success in math class?
It’s important for middle school math class to be engaging for students. Engagement can have a significant impact on their learning outcomes and their overall attitude towards math. When students are engaged in their math class, they are more likely to be motivated to learn and develop a deeper understanding of the subject.
Does GamerMath help students see the relevance of math?
Yes! Video games are a massive part of students’ everyday lives. When learners see the relevance of math as it applies to video games - both in terms of performance and in the creation of video games on the whole - they start to understand the practical applications of mathematical concepts.
How does GamerMath increase a student’s intrinsic motivation to learn?
GamerMath increases a student’s interest and motivation to learn math because when learners improve their mathematical aptitudes, they commensurately improve their video game performance. 

When gamers better understand the math inside of video games (e.g. they comprehend ratios, percentages, probabilities and so forth at a higher level), their game play often improves. And if there's one thing video gamers want, it’s to be better at the games they love. GamerMath taps right into this desire which leads to better academic performance in math class and more long-term success in math down the line.
Does GamerMath help build other academic skills beyond learning core math concepts?
GamerMath helps students develop problem-solving skills, critical thinking skills, and analytical skills. Top gamers are constantly assessing, weighing, evaluating and hypothesizing outcomes based on their mathematical analysis of a situation. 

As educators, we possess the expertise to harness the unique potential of esports and leverage it to deliver valuable academic outcomes for students. By leveraging the power of gaming, we equip students with cognitive tools that are not only vital for excelling in mathematics, but also for mastering other subjects and achieving success in their future careers and personal lives.
What is the benefit of using GamerMath’s video game examples to help students comprehend mathematical concepts?
Using real-life examples from today’s most popular video games or scenarios students might commonly face in an esports competition can help students relate math concepts to their own experiences and interests. This helps learners develop a deeper understanding of the math topics and engage more actively in the learning process. Their drive to get better at the games provides a lot of internal motivation to want to learn the lessons we teach in GamerMath.
How does GamerMath positively affect SEL in the math classroom?
GamerMath understands that SEL (Social-Emotional Learning) is crucial in the development of middle school students. We incorporate SEL into math class with the overt aim of having a positive impact on learning outcomes.

By seizing the power of academic esports, we help students feel more confident in their ability to learn and succeed in math. This can lead to a positive attitude towards math, which can further improve their academic performance and long-term success. By setting clear expectations and goals, using real-life examples, and encouraging reflection and self-assessment, Gamer Math is a great tool for positively affecting SEL in math class for students.
What is the culture like in a GamerMath classroom?
GamerMath focuses on creating a positive classroom culture, one that is supportive, respectful, and inclusive. This helps students feel safe and connected in the learning environment. We achieve this by creating opportunities for students to learn more about their favorite video games, connect with larger gaming concepts and engage in learning that speaks to their passions in a way that validates their deep interest in gaming.

GamerMath helps students build their confidence in their ability to achieve success.
California Teacher of the Year

"One of the biggest challenges math teachers face today is the practical element of math for the students. Most of my students do not see the importance of learning math or learning to apply math in the real world. With Gamer Math, students immediately see how math matters."

Helen Papadopoulos 
California Teacher of the Year, Suzanne Middle School