Introducing: Codie the Duck

Meet Mastery Coding’s newest fun-sized team member.

Meet Codie

If you’ve attended any of our live education conferences recently, you might have noticed a new addition to the Mastery Coding team. We’re happy to welcome Codie the Duck: our new Mascot!

(SIDE NOTE: We’d like to thank the many other candidates for their applications. But as soon as our team met Codie, we knew we found the perfect fit!)
Dashboard mockup
Dashboard mockup

Why a Duck is the Perfect Mastery Coding Mascot

Rubber duck debugging, also known as rubber ducking, is a tried and true method of debugging code performed by many coders! When code isn’t running properly, coders will place a rubber duck on their desk and explain their code to it out loud. While a coder relays what their code is supposed to do and how each line helps accomplish it, it’s much easier to find where the errors are! Thus, you can often find a duck on a coder’s desk; it helps with problem-solving!

Much like with writing prose, reading code out loud often shines a light on the issue. It can be frustrating trying to debug lines of code. Adding a duck to the process gives programmers a sounding board for their ideas while making the problem-solving process a lighter, happier experience.

At Mastery Coding, we believe that the positive impact rubber ducks have on the coding community embodies the spirit of our company. We know that learning to code can be quite enjoyable and rewarding but also we know that it can be frustrating and filled with trial and error. For students and teachers, we work hard every day to make learning to code easier and more fun. Let us be your rubber duck!

About Codie the Duck:

Weighing in at about 3 oz, this little duck has a big personality! Our hiring team was immediately stricken by Codie’s excellent listening skills. Interviewing the little duck put a smile on everyone’s face in the room, and Codie’s positive attitude was contagious. We look forward to this kind and supportive addition to the Mastery Coding team. Welcome, Codie!

Get Involved!

Codie is excited to launch a new Twitter account on behalf of Mastery Coding! For an opportunity to get featured on our new account, post a photo of Codie on Twitter with the hashtag, #CodieTheDuck. Also, make sure to follow Codie @CodieTheDuck for conference updates, company news, and, of course, coding wisdom from the greatest debugger out there!

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