We turn Gamers into Makers

How we use gaming to engage students and connect them to career and academic opportunities.

At Mastery Coding we believe that video games can be the entry point to academic and career opportunities for students.

Rather than antagonizing something that students enjoy and treating it as a barrier to success, we see gaming as the key to enhancing student academic engagement. We see it as an opportunity to use what many students are already passionate about to awaken their curiosity and interest in a variety of productive avenues.
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Game and Make™ connects what students already enjoy with in-demand skills to prepare them for future success.

We engage students with video games and show them the multitude of possibilities that await them, helping them discover constructive pathways stemming from their passions and interests.


play the games


explore their design


learn new skills


earn an accreditation


attain the job
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Why this Approach?

Research shows that 76% of children in the United States play video games. For a lot of students, it's more than recreation: it is a passion. It is the perfect opportunity to tap into an existing interest that a large number of students share and turn it into a tool to enhance their learning and expand their future opportunities.