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High School CTE Alignments

MI Computer Programming/ Programmer

Mastery Coding has developed a 3 year course sequence solution to fully support the Computer Programming/ Programmer pathway utilizing the following courses:

  • Game Development Foundations
  • Game Development I
  • Game Development II

Upon completing these courses, students will know everything they need to pass the industry-recognized Unity User: Programmer, Unity User: Artist, Unity
Certified Associate: Game Developer exams. These courses incorporate the MDE standards/components, preparing students to apply entry-level coding languages in program writing, program customization, prototype testing, and other aspects of operating systems and networks. Industry standards are used in all Mastery Coding courses, providing real-world programming experience for students in the following segments:

  • Logic and Problem Solving
  • Beginning Application Development (Coding)
  • Advanced Application Development (Database, Files)
  • Leadership and Teamwork
  • Programming Fundamentals and Syntax


When students complete this pathway, they will be prepared to attain the following industry-recognized certifications.

Unity User: Programmer

Unity User: Artist

Unity Certified Associate: Game Developer

Unity Certified Associate: Programmer

Middle School Alignments

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Elementary School Alignments

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