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August 17, 2023

Back to School with Mastery Coding: Build Career Pathways with Coding and Esports

Build Career Pathways in K-12 with Esports and Computer Science Programs

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Join our free webinar as we explore two essential pillars of modern education: Academic Esports and Computer Science. Our panel of expert educators will share actionable tips to help you establish an esports program at your school that not only holds academic merit but also increases student engagement, fosters inclusivity, and paves the way for STEM career pathways. We’ll also explore how you can use esports to promote interest in computer science and empower students to pursue exciting opportunities in high-paying fields.

Our comprehensive webinar comes complete with a certificate of professional development and a “Back 2 School” resources kit that includes classroom posters and cheat sheets created by our team of esports and coding educators, ensuring that your journey into esports and computer science education is both rewarding and sustainable.


How to start an esports program at your school that:

  • Has academic merit
  • Boosts student engagement
  • Opens up STEM career pathways
  • Promotes inclusivity. equity, and build community

How to start a computer science program that:

  • Is low-floor, high-ceiling for students AND teachers
  • Gets your students set up with industry-recognized certifications
  • Helps build professional portfolios
  • Comes with professional development and ongoing support

Use the excitement of Esports to drive your students towards high-paying careers in:

  • Game and Web Development
  • Software and Product Engineering
  • Design and UX/UI
  • Data Analytics
  • And more


Thursday, August 17, 2023
12:00 pm
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Alan Sitomer

CEO and Founder of Mastery Coding

Alan is Mastery Coding's CEO and a California Teacher of the year award winner who has written 22 books. He left the classroom and started this company because he sees the opportunity for students to break the cycle of intergenerational poverty through obtaining jobs in emerging technologies.

Jill Ranucci

CTE Specialist

Jill has been in the field of education for over 25 years and has a passion for all students to receive premiere curricula to prepare them for their future careers. Jill's expertise in Career and Technical Education (CTE) stems from 17 years as a CTE Director and district administrator in Arizona and Texas. Dr. Ranucci works with CTE across the country to help guide programs that result in industry recognized certifications and stackable credentials.

Torben Bernhard

Lead Curriculum Developer

Torben is currently pursuing a Master's Degree in Computer Science and is a Lead Curriculum Developer at Mastery Coding, where he designs and develops courses that combine game development, computer science, and design principles. With extensive experience in teaching English as a second language, as a K-12 coding instructor, and facilitating social groups for neurodivergent children, Torben brings a wealth of expertise in creating engaging and effective learning experiences for students of all backgrounds.

Ben Pousada

Academic Esports Curriculum Developer

Ben comes right out of the classroom with experience as a computer science teacher, a math teacher - he has taught PE and even cooking. For years and years Ben implemented game-based instruction inside his courses to amplify student achievement.