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June 6, 2023

The 3 Do's and 3 Don'ts of Bringing Esports to Your Campus

Unlock the Benefits of Esports for Your Elementary Students with Our Webinar.

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Unlock a world of new opportunities for your students with our upcoming webinar, dedicated to exploring the benefits and best practices of integrating esports into elementary, middle, and high school education. Discover the latest research on esports in education and gain valuable insights from our expert speakers, who will share their experiences and insights on how to create a safe and engaging esports program that promotes learning, teamwork, and social-emotional development.

Explore how to create an inclusive and supportive esports culture in your school, and gain practical advice on the technical and logistical aspects of running an esports program in a school. From selecting the right games to setting up equipment, our speakers will guide you through the process, offering a wealth of knowledge to educators, administrators, and parents alike.

Level up your teaching with esports in education and discover the limitless possibilities for your students. Join us and become part of the conversation on how to revolutionize learning with esports.


Tuesday, June 6, 2023
12:00 pm
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Dr. Katrina Adkins

USAEL VP of Academic Esports

Dr. Adkins has spent over 20 years in education. She began as a kindergarten teacher and moved into an Instructional Technology Facilitator role, followed by Director of Technology. She has a doctorate in Instructional Technology and Distance Education, and continues to keep her foot in the classroom as she teaches Esports and Gaming courses as a university professor.

Rich Conti

VP of Academic Esports

Rich is the VP of Academic Esports at Mastery Coding. He was the creator and captain of his champion college esports team, he has authored our game design curriculum and basically, built the academic esports program he wishes he had when he was in middle and high school.

Ben Pousada

Academic Esports Curriculum Developer

Ben comes right out of the classroom with experience as a computer science teacher, a math teacher - he has taught PE and even cooking. For years and years Ben implemented game-based instruction inside his courses to amplify student achievement.