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April 11, 2023

Using the Power of Video Games to Boost Math Scores

Discover effective strategies to engage and inspire students who have lost interest in math due to the pandemic. Learn how to meet students where they are and get them excited about math again. Find solutions to tackle the challenges of low morale, motivation, and engagement. Boost math scores and help students succeed with our expert tips and insights.

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National math scores are at an all-time low. Research shows that student engagement, motivation, and morale have suffered as a result of the pandemic. Students would rather play video games than go to class. How do we meet students where they are and get students excited about math?

Join us for an engaging and informative webinar that will delve into the current state of national math scores, which are at a historic low, and explore the contributing factors that have led to this concerning trend. We will discuss the challenges that math teachers are facing and the strategies they can use to boost engagement and attendance in their classrooms.

In addition, we will explore how educators can meet students where they are by harnessing the power of video games to create engaging and interactive learning experiences. Our expert panel will share their insights and experience on how to raise math scores and introduce you to a revolutionary new course called Gamer Math.


Tuesday, April 11, 2023
3:00 pm
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Alan Sitomer

CEO and Founder of Mastery Coding

Alan is Mastery Coding's CEO and a California Teacher of the year award winner who has written 22 books. He left the classroom and started this company because he sees the opportunity for students to break the cycle of intergenerational poverty through obtaining jobs in emerging technologies.

Helen Papadopoulos

Math and Drama Teacher

Helen is a 2007 California Teacher of the Year and is National Board Certified in Early Adolescence Math. She has developed curriculum for LearnZillion and is currently teaching 8th grade math and Algebra.

Jason Collar

Math Teacher

Jason Collar is an innovative, passionate, and engaging secondary school teacher in the Anaheim Union High School District (AUHSD). He earned both his BA and MA in History at California State University Fullerton and is currently working towards his National Board Certification.

Lori Whitt

Educational Strategist at SHI International Corp.

Lori Whit is no newcomer to the educational field. Before joining SHI as an Education Strategist, she spent ten years as a classroom teacher, seven years as a technology facilitator, and nine years with the West Virginia Department of Education.