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4.5.1 Website Creation

In this lesson, students will learn the steps required to create a website.

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Lesson Plan: Website Creation


The instructor delivers a presentation on the steps required to create a website. In the “Create a Website” activity, students use these new skills to design their own website, create a visual model, and research a hosting solution on the web.

Essential Question

What steps do I need to take to create and publish a successful website?

Learning Objectives

After completing this lesson students can:

  • identify and differentiate between the three primary languages involved in web development.
  • recall the steps required to design, develop, and publish a website.
  • evaluate various services used to host sites on the web.


ISTE: 1.1d, 1.4a, 1.6a, 1.6c, 1.6d

HTML: short for HyperText Markup Language. This language is used to add text, links, inputs, and media to a web page.

CSS: short for Cascading Style Sheets. This language is used to add styles like colors, sizing, and positioning to the elements on a web page.

JavaScript: a scripting language used to tell the browser how the webpage should behave and respond to user actions.

Mock Up: an artistic depiction of what a final product will look like when finished.

Script: a set of instructions given to a computer that tell it how to behave.

Activity: Create a Website

Download and print the following worksheet.

Website Creation Activity.pdf

Complete all 3 parts and submit to your teacher offline, or by scanning and uploading to this page.


Part 1: Design Your Website - 5 points

The student conceptualizes a novel idea for a website for a target user. Thought has been put into the content, appearance, and functionality of the website.

Part 2: Create a Mock Up

The student implements a title, media, and interactions that build on the design exercise. The purpose of the website is clear from the drawing.

Part 3: Find a Hosting Service

The student demonstrates that they researched multiple hosting services and selects one based on an aspect of the service that they indicate is important for their website.