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4.3.1 Objects and Methods

In this section, students learn about objects. They will also be learning about object methods and properties.

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  • Objects are variables that can contain many values. These values are either properties or methods.
  • The properties of an object are written as key:value pairs. The key is what we use to reference this data like we use the index number to reference values inside of an array.
Code snippet image from course
  • Methods are functions that belong to an object. In the example below, sayHello is a method.
Code snippet image from course

Accessing Properties of an Object

  • To access a property that belongs to an object, we append a dot (.) and the property key to the object name.
Code snippet image from course

The “This” Keyword

  • Inside a method within an object, the keyword “this” is used to refer to the object that the method belongs to.
  • We can access properties of the owner object by writing this.someProperty.
Code snippet image from course


JavaScript Objects: A W3 Schools page talking about objects, properties, methods, and the “this” keyword.

Object: a variable that can hold many different values as well as functions.

Property: a value that belongs to an object. It has a key that is used to reference it.

Method: a function that belongs to an object.

this: a keyword used to refer to the object in which the word is used.