Increasing student engagement and building career pathways where students are most passionate: gaming.

Increase Student Engagement with Esports

Our academic esports programs tap the benefits of esports by going beyond just nurturing great gamers and providing opportunities for STEM career exploration. They increase student engagement, teach productive gaming habits, showcase esports careers, internships, and scholarships.

Pathway Esports

Channel your students’ passion for gaming into college and career opportunities using our comprehensive esports toolkit.

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Young esports player

Gaming Camps and Clubs

In our gaming camps and clubs, students advance critical thinking skills, develop communication tools and take a deep dive into today's most popular games.

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Esports players high fiving during competition

Mastery Esports League

Through regular competitions, our middle and high school esports league gives students the opportunity to compete against other schools.

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Benefits of Esports at School

According to the research of Dr. Jane McGonigal, proactive and productive Gaming provides students with transferrable benefits to school work, personal relationships, career/ job readiness, and self-efficacy. Other benefits include the following:

Growing communities, including students that wouldn’t normally participate in team sports

Student engagement like you’ve never seen before in a variety of fields

STEM career exploration and opportunities for high-paying esports jobs

A non-contact sport that generates revenue, scholarships, and career pathways

Channeling Passion into Career Opportunities

Students today love technology, gaming, social media, esports, and like, all things driven by code underneath the hood. We tap their curiosity, setting the stage for educators to engage students and teach them new skills that feed into opportunities including esports careers and STEM careers.

Career Explorations in Esports

Passion: Use the tech
Curiosity: Explore its design
Education: Learn new skills
Certification: Earn an accreditation
Careers: Attain the job

Esports Careers and Beyond

The benefits of esports aren’t just for players; there are plenty of pathways in esports careers beyond being an expert gamer. Pathway Esports™ engages students through gaming and exposes them to the countless opportunities surrounding esports, and our gaming camps and clubs are built with student engagement and STEM career exploration in mind.

Esports careers and careers in esports adjacent fields

Why Mastery Esports?

  • Lessons in social-emotional learning (communication, teamwork, etiquette, mindsets)\
  • Esports and STEM Career Exploration
  • Lessons in healthy, productive, and goal-oriented gaming
  • Strong student engagement in extracurriculars 
  • Opportunities for competition and prizes through our middle and high school esports league
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Starting an Esports Team

Pathway Esports™ provides a comprehensive toolkit, with everything students and schools need to start and run their very own esports team and compete in local and national tournaments. Lessons include:

  • Choosing the right game and getting student engagement
  • Building a strong esports team
  • Esports and STEM career exploration, history, and industry trends
  • Effective esports practice
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The coaches were really helpful in everything that we did...when I started I was pretty bad, but I learned a lot after a couple weeks of playing...I definitely got better in my thinking ability while I was playing, and...[my counselor] was awesome. He was really funny and helpful.

Owen M

I've gotten a lot better at editing, and I've been building faster...there was a lot [to like] that helped me grow as a player, and...[the counselors] were great. They taught me a lot...I liked all the people. Everybody was just so nice. They made me feel welcome.