June 17, 2022

ACTE Launches Esports Area of Interest

Mastery Coding becomes a corporate member as ACTE announces the new Esports Area of Interest.

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Mastery Coding joins ACTE as a corporate member as ACTE introduces esports as an Area of Interest under the Engineering And Technology Education Division (eTED). The head of the Esports Area of Interest, Jill Ranucci, Ph.D. will be working to promote the importance of esports in our education system.

ACTE is a non-profit organization that promotes best practices for schools across the US. According to their website, ACTE empowers “educators to deliver high-quality CTE (Career & Technical Education) programs that ensure all students are positioned for career success.” Part of the mission for the Esports Area of Interest is to “engage CTE students in emerging technologies through innovative advances in gamification and the esports landscape.” Furthermore, according to the ACTE website, “Academic Esports offers a gateway to STEM-related career pathways such as software development, information technology (IT), Engineering, all programming related fields, as well as orbital careers in sports marketing and Arts, A/V Technology and Communications related fields.”

Jill Ranucci, Ph.D. the lead for ACTE’s Esports Area of Interest commented on the importance of growth in the CTE landscape.

“Technology revolutionized the world and the evolution will continue. And, though it is a monumental task, CTE educators must grow with the changing landscape. Because, together, we must seek to prepare a global workforce to solve the complex problems affecting our communities and the world,” said Ranucci.

The creation of the Esports Area of Interest within the ACTE will help schools to better understand the impact, the growing community, and the career paths that an esports program can offer their students. It will allow districts and schools to adhere to best practices and measurable standards for their esports curriculum. Mastery Coding will continue to update curricular resources as states and districts embrace the new esports pathway and related emerging technologies.

Proud to have joined the ACTE as corporate members, Mastery Coding is looking forward to increased collaboration and continued support of the organization’s goals. With plans set in place to exhibit at ACTE’s CareerTech VISION 2022 in early December, Mastery Coding is proud to announce our sponsorship of a series of three ACTE webinars in support of the new esports Area of Interest.


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