April 7, 2023

5 Effective Strategies to Interest Your Students in Mathematics

Mathematics can be a challenging subject for students, but it is crucial to their education and future careers:

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Mathematics is a subject that can be challenging for many students. It requires a lot of practice and understanding of various concepts. Often, due to the repetition needed to cement mathematical skills, students struggle to maintain their interest and motivation.

But understanding mathematics is essential for 21st-century learners. Its values span all disciplines and careers. So then, how can you ensure students stay engaged in such important subject matter?

Discover five strategies for improving student interest in your mathematics classroom:

Make math relevant to real-life situations

One of the main reasons students struggle with math is that they don't see its relevance to their daily lives. That can be changed by showing how math is used in real-life situations. For instance, include examples of how math is used in cooking, budgeting, and sports. This will help your students understand the practical applications of math and make them more interested in learning the subject.

Bonus Tip: consider how students’ hobbies and interests could potentially benefit from a better understanding of math. Their favorite video games and activities likely already have math tied in, which will feel more relevant to younger students, given how immediate the impact it will have on them. 

Use games and puzzles

Games and puzzles are a great way to make math fun for your students. You can use math games like Sudoku, crosswords, and tangrams to help your students understand mathematical concepts. These games challenge the students to think critically and logically, and at the same time, they are enjoyable. You can also create math-related puzzles that students can solve individually or in groups.

Bonus Tip: Is there a video game that your students are already interested in playing? Use it in your material! Students will be more engaged when the games they’re playing in class resemble the game they already love!

Encourage collaboration and competition

Collaboration and competition can be an effective way to get your students interested in math. You can group your students into teams and assign them math-related tasks. This will encourage them to work together and compete against other teams, which will make the learning process more exciting. You can also create a math league where students compete against each other in math-related games and puzzles!

Use technology

Technology has revolutionized the way we learn and teach, and it can be used to make math interesting for students. You can use math-related apps and software to help your students visualize and understand mathematical concepts. For instance, you can use graphing calculators and math-related apps to help your students understand the relationship between various mathematical functions.

Bonus Tip: Video-based learning can be particularly useful, especially video lessons that focus on keeping students engaged!

Make math fun

Finally, you can make math fun by using humor and creativity in your teaching. You can use math-related jokes and stories to make your students laugh and engage with the subject. You can also use creative visuals and diagrams to help your students understand complex mathematical concepts.

Bonus Tip: Students often perceive that math is inherently boring. This doesn’t have to be the case! To help students see the fun of mathematics, meet students where they’re at. Boost engagement in the mathematics classroom by employing fun throughout their educational experiences. 

As a teacher, you have the power to make math interesting and engaging for your students. By incorporating real-life situations, using games and puzzles, encouraging collaboration and competition, using technology, incorporating real-world examples, using manipulatives, and making math fun, you can help your students understand and enjoy math. Remember, the key to getting your students interested in math is to make it relevant and enjoyable for them!

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