May 24, 2021

Healthy Gaming: Habits to Improve Your Esports Scores

Discover how to become a healthy gamer and the benefits that your sessions will see after you practice healthy esports.

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Have you ever had a bad day of gaming? No matter how hard you try on a day like this, it feels like you're making mistakes and losing over and over. You start to question what's wrong with the game, the other players, or even you.

The actual reason might surprise you: it's likely that you haven't been taking care of yourself.

Just like with any other activity or sport, it's vital to take care of your body and mind when you're gaming! The best Esports athletes aren't playing 24/7; instead, they practice self-care and make healthy choices.

So, how can you minimize those nasty bad-session days?

Discover the top five ways to become a healthy gamer and the benefits that your sessions will see after you start taking care of yourself:

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Improves: Energy, Focus, Mental Health, & Ability to Cope with Stress

Regularly exercising can have remarkable effects on your gaming ability. When you exercise, your body releases chemicals called endorphins. These chemicals interact with your body and brain to reduce feelings of both pain and stress. Endorphins can also increase your self-esteem and energy levels.

Energy, confidence, and relaxation can all significantly improve your results in a round of gaming. Gamers that regularly exercise perform much better than those that don't!

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Healthy Eating

Improves: Energy, Focus, Mental Health, & Memory

Both what you eat and how much you eat can affect how well you play. Eating the right foods -in the right amount- can make you feel both happier and healthier! Eating nutritious foods has been found to improve mental health, making it so you're more resilient to stress and depression and better at cognitive functioning!

It's important to avoid sugars and energy drinks as well. Though they provide a boost of energy, it doesn't last very long. After the boost ends, you'll feel pretty awful after!

Most importantly, don't forget to drink water! If you drink enough water throughout the day, you'll feel happier, less stressed, and way more focused!

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Improves: Coping with Stress & Anxiety, Mental Health, Focus, & Memory

As a gamer, it's vital to spend time recharging your mind. Meditation is an excellent way to give your brain that much-needed recuperation!

Meditation has many benefits. It can help gamers reset their mental state, reducing anxiety & stress. It's also a fantastic way to train yourself to get into a flow state, which can tremendously increase focus on and analysis of a game's progress!

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Rest & Relaxation

Improves: Immune System, Memory, Energy, Problem-Solving Skills, Mental Health, & Focus

No matter how much you practice or learn while gaming, you won't retain anything if you don't properly rest and recover. Getting enough sleep is one of the most critical actions you can take to be healthier.

Once you start to get enough sleep, you'll notice radical changes to your body and mind. With rest, you'll become sick less often, feel calmer, be able to reason and solve problems better, and, of course, feel more awake!

Also, it's essential to take breaks every once in a while! During long gaming sessions, try to stand up, stretch, or do something active about once an hour.

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Improves: Ability to Cope with Stress & Anxiety, Resilience, Energy, & Mental Health

Just like with any other activity, gaming has its risks. Many gamers, after years of wear and tear, injure their wrists, hands, and fingers. Also, gamers that slouch are at risk of harming their necks and backs.

Stretching is crucial for gamers; it is one of the best ways to prevent injuries! When you stretch, it also improves your body's circulation, meaning that you can better activate your muscles to perform well.

Along with the many physical benefits, stretching also improves your focus, mental clarity, and energy!

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