November 16, 2023

How Learning Tech Paves the Way for Young Entrepreneurs

Here are some of the specific ways early coding education paves the way for the success of young entrepreneurs

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Coding is the language that tells computers what tasks to perform and how to complete them. It’s used to create websites, apps, and other technology used daily. With technology continually becoming increasingly important in our daily lives, it’s crucial to include coding and tech education in 21st-century learning, starting in elementary school and continuing through middle school and high school. 

Data shows that coding classes and CS skills prepare students for career readiness in high-paying tech and engineering jobs. Coding knowledge can also improve creative problem-solving skills, helping young entrepreneurs launch businesses with a better understanding of how a business operates. Here are some of the specific ways early computer science and coding education paves the way for the success of young entrepreneurs and supports the growth of an entrepreneurial mindset. And just about every industry can benefit from young, tech-savvy entrepreneurs. 

Desire to Learn

Today’s students already recognize the importance of technology in their lives and use it daily, even as early as elementary school. Opportunities to use tech in 21st-century learning can increase the engagement and interest of students and increase their motivation to learn by showing the importance of technology and applications in daily life.

Many schools find that teaching coding and computer science in elementary school leads to an improvement in behavior and engagement. Drag-and-drop apps and block-based coding have been created to make learning to code fun for children, while project-based learning ensures your students have an impact on the outcomes of their learning. Student agency gives students an opportunity to learn through activities that are relevant to them. Subjects that many might consider dull can be learned through interactive and fun activities. In this way, students begin to learn that problems can be solved using creativity and logical thinking. As they master new skills, their confidence in their ability to solve problems grows.

Understanding Technology

Most, if not all, businesses today rely on technology, and the modern business landscape continues to evolve rapidly. With the advent of AI tools like ChatGPT and Bard, one thing is clear - digital skills are essential in today’s workforce. According to the Global Digital Skills Index, a majority of people believe they lack the digital skills needed to succeed in the workforce.

Students who learn digital technology in elementary, middle, and high school learn important skills needed to locate and use information securely and to think critically. Higher digital literacy skills can lead to better job prospects and can help students feel better prepared to be successful in a digital workforce transformed by technology. 

Problem-Solving Skills

Early tech education is a great way to help students develop problem-solving skills, which is one of the top skills needed for entrepreneurship as well as job success in any industry. Coding involves breaking down complex problems into smaller pieces. When students are encouraged to be innovative thinkers, they’re learning to solve complex problems in unique and creative ways. This helps them learn what it takes to eventually create successful startups or to come up with original ideas, products, and businesses.  

Through hands-on coding projects, students get the opportunity to work with real-world problems and are challenged to see problems from different perspectives and come up with creative solutions. In no uncertain terms, as part of a modern, standards-based, and up-to-date coding curriculum, your students learn to think outside the box. 

Collaboration Skills

The complexity of coding often requires collaboration and teamwork. Challenges may require input from people with different skill sets, and knowing how to work and communicate with others is essential in any business. Learning to collaborate and work as a team improves communication skills and prepares students to adapt to many different job settings. For an example of how teams work together in tech, see this poster from Mastery Coding to understand the many different roles and responsibilities of a game development team. Game development is just one of the many career paths open to students with a strong foundation in coding and CS. 

More Benefits of Learning Tech

The World Health Organization identified crucial life skills that students aren’t always taught. These include:

  • Decision-making and problem-solving
  • Critical thinking and creative thinking
  • Interpersonal skills
  • Self-awareness and empathy
  • Coping with stress

Learning tech at an early age is a good way to acquire these critical life skills. Coding and other forms of technology teach students to think in a structured and systematic way. They learn to clearly define a problem and to plan and organize their approach. They consider different solutions, choose a course of action, and analyze the results.  Early tech education can prepare students to collaborate with others and to follow challenges through to completion.

In high school, it is essential for coding and CS programs to prepare students to be college and career-ready while equipping them with relevant certifications. Soft skills like creative thinking, problem-solving skills, digital literacy, and collaboration lay an important foundation for future entrepreneurial success and must be engrained in any curriculum. Project-based learning gives students the opportunity to explore real-world applications of the skills they learn and helps them build digital portfolios demonstrating their aptitude. Want to equip your future entrepreneurs with 21st-century learning skills? Contact Mastery Coding to see how our project-based, standards-aligned curriculum can turn your gamers into makers. 


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