July 21, 2022

Mastery Coding Launches Esports Career Exploration Elective

The MSE: Career Explorations in Esports course grants students the opportunity to explore new careers

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Mastery Esports and Mastery Coding are excited to announce a brand new course to their lineup: Career Explorations in Esports. The elective, authored by Mastery Coding’s own Esports Coach, James Bates, gives middle school and high school students insight into the dynamic, multi-billion dollar industry of esports. 

Students that take the elective, which will officially launch in Fall 2022, will explore a wide variety of esports-relevant careers including shoutcasting, event planning, marketing, game design, and more! ix-week

The new course consists of 30 hours of material where students will complete projects, assessments, and learning activities to discover what skills they need to develop to pursue their passions, learn about exciting new careers, and set up a game plan for becoming successful in their field of choice. Though the course is designed as a s, hour-a-day program, the course is made to be flexible to fit the needs of schools’ schedules. 

Along with a comprehensive exploration of the esports industry, the course boasts a myriad of multidisciplinary connections. The wide range of careers featured in the course teaches principles from science, technology, engineering, art, and mathematics! After completing this elective, students won’t just have a better understanding of esports, they’ll also become more well-rounded students with a better ability to draw connections between and see the value of their various academic subjects.

The principal writer of the course, Mastery Esports coach James Bates, mentioned that he was particularly excited about seeing the course positively affect its future students, “It's been an exciting opportunity to help students and parents understand the landscape of the esports ecosystem”. In an interview, Bates also spoke highly of the importance of the esports field: “it’s bigger than just players sitting at PCs playing games all day. There's a lot more going on, even more than I knew myself [at the beginning of writing the course]. Discovering all the hard work it takes to keep the esports world ticking and speaking with [industry experts] who make it happen has been an exciting opportunity”.

Mastery Esports’ Director, Rich “Kilroy” Conti believes wholeheartedly that this brand new course will have an amazing impact on the students that take it. He looks forward to this course providing students with an opportunity to “deeply understand the numerous different careers available in the world of esports - and to discover which ones most align to their own skills or passions.”

The course will be available for middle schools across the country this fall. To ensure ease of use for schools, the course provides free professional development for teachers and ongoing support. Mastery Esports guarantees success for both students and teachers that participate in the course. 

Interested in learning more about the Middle and High School Elective: Career Explorations in Esports? 

For a more detailed look into the course, see Career Explorations in Esports.

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