May 27, 2020

Mastery Coding Launches Pathway Esports

Get your students in the game with affordable esports courses. Introducing: Pathway Esports.

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Students already compete in video games for fun. So we thought, why not turn that passion for gaming into college and career opportunities in a multi-billion dollar industry?

Which is why we're so excited to announce our latest program: PATHWAY ESPORTS.

Pathway Esports is an academic toolkit that provides soup-to-nuts guidance on starting and running a team and creating real opportunities for students to thrive.

Check out the video below to learn more about the academic benefits of esports and why it's time to bring the most affordable, accessible and inclusive sport to your school:


When I say, “Thank God for esports,” I mean it. Let me explain. My name is Alan Sitomer. As a California Teacher of the Year Award winner, I am a huge fan of the value of academic esports. That’s right, I said, “academic value!”

Did you know that over 200 universities offer college scholarship for esports? Did you know that esports is a multibillion dollar industry [that’s] exploding with high-paying jobs? Did you know that over 90% of computer programmers first became interested in coding because of video games?

Joseph Campbell famously said, “Follow your passion.” As an educator, the academic and career-value of having an esports team on your campus -I mean it’s just legit. And, while lot’s of schools would be open to the idea because there’s minimum GPAs and there’s collaboration and teamwork and critical thinking -all this is front and center, what we have found is that most educators don’t even know how to begin the pathway of providing their gamers these amazing opportunities.

That’s why Mastery Coding has created this super [and] very easy-to-implement program called Pathway Esports. [It] will show your students how to form a team, run a team, and compete. We’re talking careers, we’re talking college scholarships, we’re talking student-centered learning that directly ties to workforce readiness. Also, equity!

Now that’s a real win! Plus, there’s no prior esports knowledge required for your campus leaders! We got you covered!

It’s time to turn your student’s passion for gaming into college and career opportunities with Pathway Esports. So, shoot us an email now to learn more.

The world has changed, and we need evolve with it. I’m Alan Sitomer, and maybe, I will see you online!


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