March 10, 2022

Mastery Coding Recognized as a 2022 Top STEM Solutions Provider

Mastery Coding is honored to be recognized as a Top 10 STEM Solutions Provider by Education Technology Insights.

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For Immediate Release March 10, 2022 - Los Angeles, CA

Education Technology Insights STEM Solutions Provider award

Mastery Coding is honored to be recognized as a Top 10 STEM Solutions Provider by Education Technology Insights. The official announcement and article featuring an interview with Mastery Coding’s CEO, Alan Sitomer, was released in the December-January issue of the Education Technology Insights magazine. This was followed by Mastery Coding being listed as a featured vendor in the March 3, 2022, weekly brief on their website.

In the interview, Sitomer talked about the importance of engaging students by meeting them where they are. He explained the approach that Mastery Coding takes to do just that and how to set students up for success in a world changed by technology.

“We turn gamers into STEM makers by channeling students’ passion for esports and technology into career and college opportunities,” Sitomer said. “In no uncertain terms, we use gaming as a gateway to empower students to learn, build for and prosper inside of a world they already love. The engagement is off the charts.”

Using a research-based approach to instruction, Mastery Coding provides standards-based computer science, esports, and STEM curricula that combine critical thinking with project-based fun.

Part of Mastery Coding’s expanding list of solutions, the recently announced Mastery Esports league channels students’ passion for gaming into college and career opportunities. The center point of the league is the Pathway Esports™ toolkit that gives students and schools everything they need to start and run their very own academic esports team and compete in local and national tournaments.

Mastery Coding’s project-based courses put students on the pathway to college scholarships, industry certifications, and multifaceted opportunities in emerging technologies. The Game Development pathway sets students up to take and pass the industry-recognized Unity certification exams.

With funding for extended and summer learning available from the federal government, Mastery Coding’s Game-and-Learn™ Camps and Academic Esports™ Clubs allow students to follow their passion for gaming down productive STEM pathways like coding, software design, entrepreneurship, engineering, and more. This is made possible by offering students some of the most popular games (i.e. Rocket League, Minecraft, Among Us, and more) and focusing on experiential learning, dynamic student engagement, productive gaming, and SEL.

For many of its partner districts, Mastery Coding has created exclusive certification pathways aligning to each state’s standards. Mastery Coding's curricular resources provide students with the resources to experience real-world problem-solving while preparing for industry-based certifications.

Mastery Coding has previously been recognized as a Top 10 Distance and Remote Learning Solution Providers by Education Technology Insights and won the EdTech Trendsetter Award in 2021. The Mastery Coding team is intent on continuing this pattern of excellence by focusing on supporting its students, teachers, and administrators.


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Using a research-based approach to instruction, we provide standards-based computer science, esports, and STEM curriculum that combines critical thinking with project-based fun.

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