High School CTE Pathways

Mastery Coding offers a high school CTE pathway that can be aligned with your state's coding or computer science CTE pathways. Our high school computer science courses utilize project-based learning to prepare students for industry-based certifications.

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Game and App Certification Pathway

Mastery Coding’s flagship Game and App Development pathway uses cross-disciplinary, project-based learning to teach core Unity coding skills and offer a direct path to the industry-based Unity User: Programmer, Unity User: Artist, and Unity Certified Associate: Game Developer certifications.

Industry Based Certifications

Our courses utilize project-based learning while introducing students to CTE pathways that result in industry-based certifications.

Game and App Development Courses

Through project-based learning, students taking our courses are able to build their own digital portfolio of coding projects as they learn the skills to earn industry-based certifications.

Game Development 1

Game Development I teaches C# coding and game design with the Unity 3D Engine, giving students the skills to build their own games

Core Topics: object-oriented programming, C#, Git Version Control, 3D modeling

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Game Development 2

Game Development II covers the full game development lifecycle, from design to asset creation to coding tools and behaviors.

Core Topics: intermediate C#, Git version control, 3D modeling, animation

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Why Game Development?

We use the excitement of game development to create high school computer science courses that are not only highly engaging but result in students creating impressive digital portfolios of their own unique work. Or project-based courses align with state CTE standards in game development and design and many other coding and computer science-related CTE pathways.

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Interested in Middle School Coding Courses?

Our fun, project based middle school course balance coding and computer science education with STEAM topics, helping students with no coding experience create their own portfolios and preparing them for further study in computer related fields.

We Teach Students Real Industry Skills

Our students use real-world, modern tools used in industry to learn computer science concepts and apply practical coding skills while creating capstone projects that demonstrate these skills. Blender is a 3D modeling and art program used to create computer graphics for games and films. The Unity 3D Engine is the most popular game development tool in the world. C# is the 5th most popular general programming language with a wide variety of applications. Students use VS Code, a text editor with features like syntax highlighting and IntelliSense that make coding much more enjoyable.

Unity, Visual Studio Code, C# and Blender
Blender interface


Blender is an open-source 3D modeling program. Because it’s open-source, it will always be a free-to-use option for 3D artists to create art assets for games and applications. Artistically-oriented students gravitate to this aspect of game development because it allows them to create entire 3D worlds which can be brought to life in Unity during the creation of capstone projects.


Unity is a real-time 3d development platform used to create games, visualizations, simulations, mobile applications and virtual reality experiences.There are 3 billion unique downloads of Unity apps per month and 53% of top 1,000 free mobile games are made with Unity. Additionally, in the recent years we have seen a 510% increase in jobs in the video-game industry. And it's not just video games, the understanding of interactive 3d environments that students gain from working in Unity easily transfers over to application development of all kind while pushing them down CTE pathways that result in industry-based certifications.

Unity interface
VS code interface with C#

C# + Visual Studio Code

C# is a programming language created and maintained by Microsoft. Writing C# scripts allows our student developers  to bring their 3D environments to life by describing how everything is supposed to behave while creating capstone projects. VS Code is a text editor with features like syntax highlighting and intellisense that make coding much more enjoyable.

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Industry-based Certifications

Our courses utilize project-based learning while introducing students to CTE pathways that result in industry-based certifications. The Unity User: Programmer and Unity User: Artist certifications validate a student’s foundational skills in Unity and ability to create interactive, real-time 3D experiences. The Unity Certified Associate: Game Developer certification is designed for creators with a portfolio of Unity projects ready to apply for their first professional game development job. 

Unity Certified Associate Game Developer, Unity Certified User Artist, Unity Certified User Programmer

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