Coding and Comp Sci

High School CTE Pathways

Our CTE aligned high school computer science courses utilize project-based learning to prepare students for industry-based certifications.

Game and App Certification Pathway

The Game and App Development pathway uses cross-disciplinary, project-based learning to teach core Unity coding skills and offer a direct path to industry-based certifications.
Unity User: Programmer
Unity User: Artist
Unity Certified Associate: Game Developer
Unity Certified Associate: Programmer

Curriculum Based on State CTE Program Standards

The Game and App Development Pathway may align with state CTE Pathways including:
Software/App Development and Design
Coding and Computer Science
Game Development and Design
Simulation/Animation Design and Programming
Design and Multimedia

Prepare Students for College and Career Success with our Turn-Key CTE Program

Earns Industry Based Certifications

Aligned to State CTE Standards

Builds Professional Portfolios

Top Tier Professional Development

Video-Based Curriculum

Self-Grading Assessments


We Teach Students Real Industry Skills

Our students use real-world, modern tools used in industry to learn computer science concepts and apply practical coding skills while creating capstone projects that demonstrate these skills.



C# + Visual Studio Code


Unity, Visual Studio Code, C# and Blender

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