July 6, 2022

6 Benefits of Adding Certification Opportunities to Schools

To best serve your school’s community, bring industry-recognized certifications to your school.

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The education system is changing. No longer can students succeed with only a place on the honor roll. Colleges and careers have shifted focus to extracurriculars and soft skills. Only students that embody academic, extracurricular, and social-emotional success can thrive. But how, as school leaders, can you aid students to develop extracurricular success?

Furthermore, as tech education becomes more important to cover, how can you ensure your teachers are prepared to teach it?

To best serve your school’s entire community, bring industry-recognized certifications to your school. The benefits you’ll receiv will boost student success, teacher confidence,  and even school esteem.

Discover six reasons why you should add certification opportunities to your school:

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1. Students Receive a Mark of Accomplishment

When students gain the opportunity to earn certificates, they gain a new way to succeed academically. Certifications stand apart from GPAs and letter grades; no matter how students perform in other courses or semesters, they can hold onto a certificate as a separate sign of accomplishment.

Much like college credit, certifications can make students feel like they’ve genuinely made substantial progress outside of their regular education. This well-defined accomplishment can boost confidence, engagement, and even morale!

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2. Students Obtain an Industry-Recognized Proof of Understanding

Once students learn enough to attain one of the many available certifications, they’ll know enough to be ahead of the curve when they enter introductory college courses. Certification makes additional learning much easier, as a significant amount of content will be reviewed.

In careers, they’ll be confident in the skills they’re certified in. They will have already been tested on what they know and have the badge to prove it. Plus, certified workers are often easier to be onboarded and trained.

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3. Students Gain a Competitive Edge in Future Endeavors

With a coding certificate in hand, students can show colleges and jobs they have and will go above and beyond in-school academics. Colleges and careers search for motivated and ambitious individuals. Certifications are a perfect indicator of those personality traits.

Extracurricular activities are essential - especially for university admissions. Including certifications on their applications help students stand out in the sea of applicants.

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4. Students Earn a Way to Demonstrate Their Interest and Dedication

One of the best ways students can prove their interest in computer science or coding is a certification. A document that shows a student chose and excelled at an elective proves academic interest in a subject.  

Beyond that, a certificate is evidence of a student’s passion, perseverance, and determination. If they choose to write about any of these soft skills in college applications or cover letters, the readers will not doubt that they are indeed genuine.

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5. Certified Teachers Teach With More Confidence

When teachers become certified in computer science concepts, they feel more confident in the classroom. With confidence follows more effective teaching and more attentive students.

Teachers who understand computer science at the certification level will also be more aware of common pitfalls. They can draw from their own experiences to help their students learn. They’ll anticipate which lessons require more time by drawing from their own experience learning the content.

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6. Schools Receive a Measurable Sign of Course Success

In addition to all the benefits granted to your school’s community, certification can serve as a quantifiable measurement of your school’s accomplishments. While helping students towards their goals, you’ll be able to track your school’s and teacher’s efficacy and success rates.

With certifications follows improved school esteem. You’ll be able to showcase your school goes above and beyond the bell schedule when you allow students to test for external certifications!

What Coding Certifications Should You Add to Your School?

Game Development | Unity Certifications

For aspiring game developers, Unity has the perfect line of certifications. The engine is famously easy to pick up and get started in. Plus, it is widely used by indie developers, large companies, and everyone in between. The engine was even used to create best-selling hits like Cuphead and Among Us! If you’d like to learn more about Unity, read nine reasons why Unity is the perfect educational tool.

With Mastery Coding, your students will be prepared to attain certifications. Want to learn more and bring Mastery Coding to your school?


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