July 28, 2022

Mastery Coding X Amateur Esports Association

Mastery Coding is excited to announce a new partnership between Mastery Coding and the Amateur Esports Association (AEA)!

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Mastery Coding is excited to announce a new partnership between Mastery Coding and the Amateur Esports Association (AEA)! The CEO and founder of Mastery Coding, Alan Sitomer, and the president of LAB Midwest, Matthew Kirchner, officially announced the partnership on Oct.29, in Lab Midwest’s Webinar Wednesday podcast.

With this exciting new partnership, students that participate in a Mastery Esports League will now be able to form official teams and compete in broadcasted tournaments. The Mastery Esports League (MEL), which is Mastery Esport’s remote tournament league, connects schools across the country together to compete in their esport of choice. This addition will provide students with new opportunities including competition experience, increased college recruitment visibility, prizes, and more!

The Amateur Esports Association, founded in 2021, is a nonprofit company that provides a safe place for America’s youth to participate in structured esports leagues and competitions in order to foster the development of morale, sportsmanship, and citizenship. To unify youth club esports across the country, The AEA connects clubs on regional and national levels, fostering a home for the highest form of competition within youth esports. Clubs and players can battle for competitive championships, earning more than just bragging rights. Scholarship prizing allows students to be properly rewarded for their hard work and pursue dreams of furthering their education.

Rich “Kilroy” Conti, Mastery Coding’s Director of Academic Esports, shared his excitement to connect more school esports teams together with this partnership in an interview in May, 2022. “Many schools we've worked with have actually never been involved with esports before us. Pathway Esports has helped these schools develop their programs and bring their students into the world of esports through scrims and tournaments. Some of our participating schools [have already] found long-lasting scrim relationships with one another!” He looks forward to multiplying that impact with AEA. “Regular competition is what esports is made for. The Mastery Esports League is meant to give students the opportunity to put their skills to the test. once they form an official team.”

Mastery Esports™ ignites student interest and engagement in computer science through one of the fastest-growing industries in the world. With the Pathway Esports™ toolkit, students and schools will have everything they need to start and run their very own esports team and compete in local and national tournaments. To ensure that students have a pathway to success, inspiration to pursue high-paying career paths, and awareness of the variety of opportunities esports can give them, partner with Mastery Coding to bring Pathway Esports to your school. Channel your students’ passion for gaming into college and career opportunities.

Find out more at our Mastery Esports page.

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