January 11, 2023

Are Certifications in Tech Worth It?

Learn how tech certifications can boost your career and how to choose the right one for you.

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Certifications in technological fields have become an increasingly popular way for professionals in the field to demonstrate their knowledge and skills. But with so many options available, it can be difficult to determine whether certifications are worth the investment in time and money. 

Are tech certifications worth it? Absolutely, but it depends on which certifications you choose to pursue and from what provider. Below, we examine the value of tech certifications and explore the pros and cons of pursuing them in order to help you make an informed decision about whether or not they are worth it.

It Depends on the Vendor

Not all certifications hold the same merit. When you decide to work towards earning one, first investigate the company that’s providing it. Look into customer reviews, exam information, and general feelings about the company within the developer community. A trustworthy vendor will have a high-quality website and a happy customer-base.

Additionally, in-demand certifications will be difficult to obtain. Certifications companies worth your time will require studying and spending time practicing the skill. If a certification is easy enough to obtain without any preparation, it’s likely not very in-demand

It Depends on What You Wish to Specialize in

Not all high-quality certifications will help you in your desired career path. Relevancy is key. Consider what your dream career is, and select industry-recognized certifications that will help you in that role. 

Many certification exams cost money to take (and to retake). It’s important to select only those that directly help your growth as a professional.

It Depends on Your Career Route

Industry-recognized certifications are particularly important if you decide to not attend college, or are in the process of obtaining a degree. Like a degree, certifications can let employers know that you’re proficient with a particular skill set. 

Obtaining a valuable certification can bring many benefits to an individual's career. It can help demonstrate expertise and competence in a particular field, which can lead to promotions, higher salaries, and increased job opportunities. Certification can also help validate an individual's skills to potential employers and can set them apart from other candidates when applying for jobs. Additionally, obtaining a certification can help individuals stay up to date in their field and can provide opportunities for ongoing professional development. 

An Industry-recognized Certification has Benefits:

Obtaining an industry-recognized certification can bring a number of benefits to an individual's career. It can serve as proof of expertise in a particular field, and can make an individual more competitive in the job market. Becoming certified can also lead to increased job opportunities, as many employers look for candidates with specific skills when filling open positions. Additionally, obtaining a certification can help individuals stay current in their field and can provide opportunities for ongoing learning and professional development. Furthermore, some certifications may be required in order to work in certain roles or industries. Overall, obtaining a valuable certification can help to advance an individual's career and increase their professional value.

But, the journey to get there is certainly more important than the destination. A pdf of a certification won’t get you the job, but the knowledge you obtain along the way, and the discipline you gain from preparing for certification will. 

Mastery Coding’s Favorite Certifications:

Mastery Coding sets students up for success in passing certifications that are respected by developer communities. The industry-based certifications that we’ve based our courses on go above and beyond the average certification, by preparing students for the job market and ensuring that students are attaining certifications that prove their competence. 

Game Development Pathway 

(Unity User: Artist | Unity User: Programmer | Unity Certified Associate: Game Developer | Unity Certified Associate: Programmer)

Unity's certifications are highly regarded in the gaming and interactive media industries, as Unity is one of the most widely used game engines. Obtaining a Unity certification can demonstrate an individual's expertise in using the platform, and can make them more competitive in the job market. It can also serve as a marker of professional development and can help individuals stay current in their field. Additionally, some employers may require Unity certifications for certain positions, making them a valuable asset to have. Overall, Unity's certifications can be valuable for professionals looking to advance their careers in the gaming and interactive media industries.

Interested in Learning more about Unity? See Why Unity is the Best Game Engine for Beginners

Web Development Pathway 

(KnowledgePillars HTML & CSS Coding Specialist)

The KnowledgePillars HTML & CSS Coding Specialist Certification is a valuable credential for individuals who want to demonstrate their proficiency in HTML and CSS, two fundamental technologies for building and styling websites. Holding this certification can help individuals stand out in the job market and may lead to more job opportunities and higher salaries. It can also serve as a valuable learning tool, helping individuals to improve their skills and stay up-to-date with best practices in web development.

Prepare your students for the future with industry-recognized certifications with Mastery Coding.


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