July 14, 2021

Benefits of Partnering with Mastery Coding

When schools and districts work with Mastery Coding, the entire community wins.

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When schools and districts work with Mastery Coding, the entire community wins.

Discover the benefits of partnering with Mastery Coding:

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Mastery Coding Benefits Students


As students make their way through the Game Development pathway, they’ll learn everything they need to know to earn industry-recognized certifications!

With the Game Development pathway, students receive Unity Certifications.

Digital Portfolios

As students make their way through our Game Development Pathway, they’ll showcase their finished projects. As they continue learning code, they’ll be able to show off their accomplishments and improvement!

To learn more about the benefits of digital portfolios, read 5 Benefits of Adding Digital Portfolios to Your Classroom.

Project-Based Learning

Our pedagogical strategy focuses on student success. Our experts know the value of a dynamic classroom experience and create active learning environments for students that take our courses. This method is critical for learning complex concepts like coding.

Project-led courses make learning easy and more engaging. Students learn that new concepts are tools to create something fun and rewarding. In practice, this nurtures an intrinsic motivation to continue learning and creating.

Social Emotional Learning

Along with STEM education, our courses offer CASEL standards-aligned SEL content. As students learn to code together or contribute to an esports team, they’ll also develop essential social and emotional skills.

More than just coding courses, our curricula help students to improve their attitudes, relationships, academic performance, and perception of school.

To learn more about our SEL offerings, see our Computer Science SEL page.


At Mastery Coding, we know the educational value of video games. With our Game-and-Learn courses, we use games that students already love to teach them computer science, SEL, and more!

To learn more about the value of adding video games to education, check our blog: The Game-and-Learn Movement.

Multidisciplinary STEM Connections

Coding is multidisciplinary, and so are we! We use coding to teach students more about their other subjects and use their other subjects to help solidify coding concepts.

Helping students make connections between different disciplines makes for a more engaged and more well-rounded education. With the use of history, math, science, art, and other subjects, students are inspired to continue coding!

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Mastery Coding Benefits Teachers

Professional Development

Just like with our students, Mastery Coding takes the low-floor, high-ceiling approach with teachers. We emphasize onboarding ease so that every teacher can teach our courses no matter their knowledge of coding.

With training and teacher support, we assist teachers new to programming or technology. With robust materials and advanced suggestions, we aid programming masters too!

A Platform that Makes Lessons and Quizzes Easy

For the bulk of our courses, we offer video-based lessons. This method takes the burden of expertise off of the teachers who administer our content. Instead of needing to be master programmers, teachers can serve as supervisors and mentors for their classes. Plus, videos make it easy to learn along with your class!

Mastery Coding’s platform also provides self-grading assessments, bonus materials, and advanced learning opportunities!

Comprehensive and Easy-to-Understand Lesson Plans

Being a teacher is a ton of hard work. Between teaching, grading assignments, and planning out and preparing activities, you’ve likely had to work hours upon hours of extra time outside of the school day! That’s why we designed our lesson plans to be quick, easy, and hassle-free.

Adding Mastery Coding’s Computer Science Essentials, Social Emotional Learning, Game-and-Learn Camps, and Academic Esports Clubs to your schedule won’t require oodles of extra work. Implementing our lesson plans will make teaching computer science and esports concepts a breeze!

Engaging Student Materials

With Mastery Coding, teachers don’t need to worry about keeping their students engaged. We design our material with fun in mind! Using our collection of activities, games, worksheets, and projects, teachers won’t have to struggle to keep their students focused. Instead, they can put their effort into delivering quality education!

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Mastery Coding Benefits Schools

Funding Alignments

At Mastery Coding, we design curriculum with funding opportunities in mind. Our CTE alignment for secondary education allows CTE funds (either local or Perkins V) to be allocated for products in secondary courses.

Furthermore, any grants, local funds, or curriculum funds may be used at primary and elementary levels.

Standards Alignment

With our standards alignment, we support student outcomes. Our standards are crosswalked to CTE Programs of Study and CTE Standards. To ensure that students can easily transition from high school to careers, the standards are also matched to state-approved industry certifications and credentials.

We know how significant and critical an industry credential can be for a new graduate. We are dedicated to providing equitable solutions for all students.

Tech Equity

We know how vital equity is, especially in STEM academics and careers. That’s why we make our courses accessible and fun for anyone and everyone. We prioritize making curricula that are engaging and challenging for students and teachers of all backgrounds.

To learn more about equity in the technology industry, read our blog: We Need to Talk About Tech Equity.

Full Pathways to Certification

With student-earned and teacher-earned certifications, partnering with Mastery Coding means measurable and concrete signs of success.  

After your students complete the Game Development pathway, they’ll be able to attain multiple industry-recognized certificates. Not just will you be equipping your students for success in the tech field, you’ll also have clearly defined metrics of student success!

Easy Onboarding

Mastery Coding takes the difficulty out of implementation. Once you submit your purchase order, we create accounts for your teachers, schedule trainings, and provide your teachers with all the resources they need to teach our courses with confidence.

We’ll show your school how to use our platform, upload student rosters, and teach our courses. Plus, if your they need additional assistance, we’re here to help!

Interested in learning more? Let’s chat.  


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