November 15, 2021

Partnership Announcement: Mastery Coding x LAB Midwest

Two pioneers of ed-tech partner to empower students to meet tomorrow's challenges through intelligent technology education.

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Mastery Coding is excited to announce a new partnership between Mastery Coding and Lab Midwest! The CEO and founder of Mastery Coding, Alan Sitomer, and the president of LAB Midwest, Matthew Kirchner, officially announced the partnership on Oct.29, in the latest edition of Lab Midwest’s Webinar Wednesday podcast.

According to Matthew Kirchner, earlier this year, LAB Midwest assembled a team that was tasked with “looking at spaces where we thought we could do more in education and trying to find partners who can help us do more.” “I’m proud to announce today that, through a whole lot of work...we found the right partner,” said Kirchner.

LAB Midwest is the Midwest’s largest value-added distributor of curriculum, eLearning and hands-on training equipment for advanced manufacturing, engineering and skilled trades. They work with schools and employers to build incredible training labs to enable students and employees to gain skills to succeed in the industrial sector. LAB Midwest provides an unparalleled distribution of eLearning and training equipment in Wisconsin, Minnesota, Upper Michigan, Iowa, Nebraska, North Dakota, and South Dakota.

Alan Sitomer, a California Teacher of the Year award winner, author, and educator with over 20 years of experience, said that “literacy is the pathway to breaking the cycle of intergenerational poverty.” He later went on to say that a “democratization of the curriculum” means seeing computer science be included in the same category as English, science, history, and math. “The secret sauce,” Sitomer explained, is to “meet kids where they are and tap their passions. All over the United States, school districts are in critical need of SEL, Equity, Professional Development, and tools to mitigate Learning Loss. This is why Mastery Coding strives to provide standards-based computer science, esports, and STEM curricula that combines critical thinking with project-based learning, all of which lead to industry-based certifications all available within a remote environment.

To discover more about the partnership, watch the full webinar recording (below) on LAB Midwest’s YouTube channel.

Mastery Coding™ empowers students to meet the challenges of tomorrow through intelligent technology education. We provide schools, teachers, and students a pathway to tap into the power of cross-disciplinary, standards-based, efficacious computer science curricula through live, remote, or hybrid instruction. All of our courses empower students with the skills they need to become industry certified for high-skill, high-need, and high-paying workforce opportunities. As an educational technology company, we provide industry-leading courses in Computational Literacy, Computer Science, Web & Game Development, Cyber, and Academic Esports. Our courses culminate with students earning professional certifications while creating digital portfolios demonstrating proficiency, competency, and aptitude. Find out more at


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