May 31, 2022

Mastery Coding Officially Launches Mastery Esports League

The MEL will allow Pathway Esports students to put team practice to the test in regular inter-school competitions.

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Mastery Coding is proud to announce a much-requested expansion to the Pathway Esports program: The Mastery Esports League (MEL). Schools that are planning to launch a new season of the Pathway Esports program in the fall semester can look forward to more resources, program features, and opportunities for their students than ever before.

With the addition of a league, Pathway Esports students will be able to compete with academic esports teams from other schools across the country in broadcasted tournaments. Via a partnership with the Amateur Esports Association (AEA), participants will be able to compete for prizes with other participating schools. Through additional broadcasting provided by AEA, students will have additional opportunities for scholarships, awards, career exploration and more.

The Director of Academic Esports at Mastery Coding and the creator of the Pathway Esports program, Rich “Kilroy” Conti, shared his excitement about the addition of league play. “Regular competition is what esports is made for,” said Conti. “The Mastery Esports League is meant to give students the opportunity to put their skills to the test once they form an official team.” The Mastery Esports team is looking forward to giving students this incredible opportunity. 

The first MEL Season will officially begin on Aug. 29 and run until Dec. 17. The season will consist of 2 different tournaments, a Midseason tournament that will commence in October, and a Postseason tournament that spans the second half of the semester. Schools wanting to participate in the inaugural season of the Mastery Esports League will have an opportunity to enter their teams into the competition all the way up until Oct. 20. 

Along with the new tournament features, Pathway Esports has added considerable improvements to its curriculum. Mastery Esports students will soon be able to utilize all-new game-specific materials and STEM tie-ins in the Pathway Esports curriculum. At the end of each semester, students in this program will have the opportunity to take part in a STEM science fair, where they showcase their capstone projects.

From its conception in May 2020, Pathway Esports has seen rampant success. In just two years, the program has exploded to include schools across the United States. Already, the program has helped students discover new passions, gain skills, and become more interested in STEM. With a massive new program update, the program is about to get even better.


To discover more about the MEL, and to see if your school is qualified to compete, visit the Mastery Esports League page. 

Ready to bring Academic Esports to your school? Fill out our Contact Form to get in touch with our specialists. We look forward to chatting with you!


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